Instructions for withdrawing money from the WebMoney card Sberbank

Money earned online cannot only be spent within the network, it is easily transferred to bank cards.

In particular, Webmoney provides its customers with the opportunity to attach a card to an e-wallet, and how to make such an exchange , we told in the article "The withdrawal of Webmoney on the card."

The procedure of attaching a card takes some time, and for one-time payments, it makes no sense to do all this. According to statistics, many users want to learn more about the withdrawal of WebMoney on the card of Sberbank, therefore, we decided to make an instruction , where we describe in detail what it takes to do this.

Instructions for withdrawing money from the WebMoney card Sberbank

Instructions for withdrawing webmoney to Sberbank

You cannot transfer funds until you receive a formal certificate and the downloaded data (passport and TIN) are not verified . Obtaining a formal certificate will not take much time, the only thing you have to wait a couple of days, until the moderators check the compliance of the entered information with passport data.

This type of attestation document will have to be received in any case, as now a law has been passed prohibiting anonymous transfers. When you do the necessary actions, you can transfer the WebMoney to Sberbank. Tying a card is not necessary, exchangers are now withdrawing money without it.

The data from the certificate must be open and completely coincide with the data on which the card was drawn up. That is, the withdrawal of WebMoney on Sberbank can only be done between your accounts (on third-party cards, transfers are prohibited).

The easiest way to find a suitable exchange service is to use monitoring. With this system, you will not only quickly find the exchanger, but also be able to choose the most favorable rate (in the first positions):

Instructions for withdrawing money from the WebMoney card Sberbank

For example, we chose the first exchange point from the received list.

To send money, you must fill out the form:

Instructions for withdrawing money from the WebMoney card Sberbank

All necessary information, as well as information about the commission is indicated here and the amount of the deposit is presented . The following rules are written in the rules of the exchanger:

Instructions for withdrawing money from the WebMoney card Sberbank

This is another reminder that Webmoney cannot be transferred to someone else’s card . Specifically, this exchanger independently checks the data. About the same rules you will find on all other exchange offices, such is the law in our country.

Perhaps you do not have your own Sberbank card, in which case you can use other withdrawal methods, for example, postal transfer or use a card from another bank.

It is not difficult to execute a withdrawal of webmoney on the Sberbank card, but you first need to arrange this card. There are no problems with this, go to any branch and for 50-100 rubles you will be issued a regular "salary" card so that you can withdraw electronic currency to it.

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