Instructions for installing a template in Dreamweaver

Each website needs to be designed, but creating your own design may be too difficult for novice users. If you are using Dreamweaver and would like to make an original website design, then you will need to know some information.

To begin with, start searching for a quality template on the Internet. Having found one of the options (usually an archive with files), open it and make sure that it has the necessary folders and files, such as images, index. html, defaukt. css, etc. If these files are not in the archive, you can immediately begin searching for another template.

Instructions for installing a template in Dreamweaver

Instructions for installing the template

If you have all the necessary files, use the following instruction.

1. The archive must be unzipped in the Templates folder, which must be created in the directory of your site. For example, the address to this folder may be as follows: D: \ Workion. ru \ Templates. When copying, make sure that all files and folders are fully transferred, since this may be the reason for not displaying some elements of high quality.

2. Now open Dreamweaver and press the key combination Ctrl + N or select "File". "New". In the window that appears, go to the "Templates" tab and select the name of your site in the left column.

After that, the name of the template that you just added to the Templates folder will appear in the left column:

Instructions for installing a template in Dreamweaver

In the right part, which we highlighted in green, you can Observe how the installable template will look. To create a page with this template, click the "Create" button.

3. After that, a page will appear with a code where you can change some page parameters:

Instructions for installing a template in Dreamweaver

As practice shows, pages with ready-made templates are often "littered", so it makes sense to carefully read with code and remove unwanted parts.

I would like to say separately that the best option for obtaining a template is to order an individual project. On the freelance exchanges you can find a lot of artists who, for a fee, will agree to create a unique template for your website. Installing a template in Dreamweaver is a much simpler process than creating this template.

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