Instructions for earnings on the project Runner

For the organization of earnings on the Internet, users are offered a huge list of various services, through which you can allocate profit. The project "Runner" (Begun. Ru) is one of the most popular advertising services, thanks to which you can consistently make a profit.

Earnings on the Runner is available only if you have your own website , which must meet the minimum requirements. Even novice webmasters will be able to use it, since the criteria for sites are understated.

The only caveat is the availability of the site on free hosting, in which case attendance must be at least 300 per day. In general, the use of this resource is not difficult, and even if you take the first steps towards success, you will definitely succeed.

To make it easier to figure out how to organize earnings on the Runner, we have compiled an approximate instruction.

Instructions for earnings on the project Runner

Instructions for earning a Runner

1. Site creation .
If you do not have enough knowledge and you are looking for a simple option to create a site, it is best to use CMS. By installing the engine on a paid hosting service, you will spend relatively little money, but your website will be on paid hosting and you will have lower requirements.

2. Filling .
Fill the site whenever possible. Naturally, the more high-quality and optimized content you use, the more benefit it will be. If you have a certain amount, you can order articles from copywriters, it will reduce the cost of time.

3. Optimization and promotion .
Depending on the attendance of your resource, the amount of profit from the Runner will increase, which means that you will have to do optimization. In addition, use all available options to promote the site (advertising, links).

4. Ad installation .
After registering on the Runner, you will have several options available to monetize the site. We recommend that you use AutoContext. All that is required of you is to install a special code in a certain part of the site, after which a special block with ads will appear.

Transitions for this ad will be paid for in different ways; naturally, costly clicks will bring more profit. To install AutoContext, sites on a paid hosting must have attendance of 300 hosts per day, for sites on free hosting - 500 hosts per day.

Instructions for earnings on the project Runner

The project administration of the runner cares about the quality of customer service , so it is best not to try to wind up transitions. For cheating from your balance can write off all the money in favor of advertisers, or even block your account. It is better to honestly cooperate with this advertising service.

Payments from the Runner are made to the Webmoney dollar wallet. The database of advertisers on this resource is simply huge, so the block on your site will always be filled. Become a partner of one of the most famous advertising services, and you will definitely make money on the Internet.

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