Instant payouts on Wmmail. Wmmail Autopayment

The leading click sponsor of Wmmail didn’t just get so popular.

Users of this mailer get a lot of functionality, and in addition to this, there is a well-designed rating system. With its help, with the active use of the service, you can get additional privileges.

Instant payouts on Wmmail is one of the advantages that is available to all users.

The amount of the automatic payment is limited to , but the more you have the rating, the greater the amount you can receive to the wallet without waiting. The only caveat is the ability to order such a payment only 1 time per 24 hours.

Wmmail auto payment

Newbies with a rating of 10 cannot use this feature. All applications are standardly processed in manual mode, which takes 3 working days. Please note that weekends are not taken into account, therefore, if you ordered a payment on Thursday, it will only come next week.

If you have a rating from 10 to 100, then you can withdraw up to 25 cents on the machine. Every next hundred of the rating will increase the amount for instant withdrawal by 50 cents:

Instant payouts on Wmmail. Wmmail Autopayment

Here is a good example. As you can see, the rating is over 400, and the amount for autopayment is $ 2. That is, 0. 5 $ * 4 = 2 $. When the rating exceeds 500, it will be possible to withdraw at $ 2. 5 and so on.

IMPORTANT: These conditions are valid only for those who have a wallet certificate below personal. If you have a higher certificate, then every hundred of the rating will increase the amount of withdrawal by $ 2.

When ordering an automatic payment, the money is credited to the account within a couple of minutes (sometimes there are minor delays):

Instant payouts on Wmmail. Wmmail Autopayment

Have you started using the Wmmail service? Then be sure to strive to increase your rating in order to receive instant payouts. It is much more convenient and safer, despite the project's more than 10 years experience, it is better to keep money in your wallet or even withdraw it in real currency.

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