Insecure password storage. Do not store passwords in Chrome!

There are many Google Chrome browser users, this browser is the most popular and in many ways it is really good.

For example, users note that in this browser you can save data for authorization and after switching to different sites, you do not have to re-enter your login and password.

Insecure storage of passwords used by most people in Google Chrome can lead to loss of access to accounts. The fact is that each person can get information about the data for authorization and Chrome has a special function for this.

Insecure password storage. Do not store passwords in Chrome!

Do not store passwords in Chrome!

If you open the chrome page on a new browser tab: // settings / passwords a full list will open with all the sites where you saved your data and you can easily see where and what password you registered:

Insecure password storage. Do not store passwords in Chrome!

Select any of the items, and Click "Show", then instead of the characters, letters and numbers of the password are opened.

Problems due to such storage of passwords can appear not only if someone uses your computer. Although the developers of Chrome and care about its security, hackers manage to bypass different levels of protection and obtain the necessary data.

For example, you may have a virus on your computer that will allow you to enter your browser settings and view from any profile.

How to protect yourself?

First of all, do not save passwords in the browser, or better still not save them at all on the computer. Get a usual sheet of paper and write down on it all data for authorization on sites. Secondly, after each use of the system, clear the browser from the saved data:

Insecure password storage. Do not store passwords in Chrome!

In the Chrome settings there is the Personal data item, opposite which there is a button to clear the history. Go through it, select all the items and completely clear the browser of personal data.

Security should always be monitored, because the developers of anti-virus systems have repeatedly drawn the attention of users to the fact that their systems can be infected and hacked, just because they themselves help fraudsters and do not follow simple protection rules.

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