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You can never be 100% sure of your safety when you visit the Internet.

The attackers are constantly trying to steal data, and this has often become the reason for filling the news feeds. A good example of this is the hacking of a huge number of electronic mailboxes, which happens almost every year.

How to increase information security? First you need to refuse to visit questionable resources, and even more so from registering for them and filling out some forms.

Scammers can offer anything, even a simple game, just to extract as much data as possible, including passport data.

Information Security Assurance | Workion. ru

We recommend all our readers to use simple rules that provide enhanced protection:

  1. Anti-virus programs are designed to protect against hacking and all kinds of attacks. Unfortunately, they do not always cope with their mission. We advise you to check the work of the antivirus, it is possible that it does not work all the time, but only carries out an on-demand scan.
  2. We store a lot of personal information (including photos) on computers. Many people do not even know that hackers can penetrate a hard disk with the help of viruses and copy information via the Internet. Therefore, it needs to be transferred to removable media.
  3. In continuation of the previous paragraph, we do not recommend that you store important data in cloud storage. Their developers offer the highest level of security, but it has been recorded more than once how data is intercepted. The same photos from the phone, copied to the cloud on the machine, often become public.
  4. Basically, attackers try to access the computer or the cloud to learn passwords. Insecure storage of passwords leads to the fact that all accounts can be hacked at once. Here we add that they must be complex, the longer, the better (add numbers and capital letters).
  5. Before downloading any program to your computer, you should make sure that you choose a reliable source. Any pirated software, different hacked versions, cheats for games can infect the system. It is better to refrain from installing them, as well as from adding questionable browser plugins.
  6. Do not limit yourself to installing antivirus, there are many additional utilities. All sorts of anti-spyware, firewalls and so on. All this helps to increase information security. Also do not forget to update them to the latest version, as well as update the operating system.
  7. Be suspicious of any messages from strangers, and especially not follow external links. If you really want to check what the person sent there, download the Tor browser and open the site through it. As a rule, spammers distribute links to phishing sites.
Information Security Assurance | Workion. ru

Information security threats constantly appear, and only attentive users will never become victims of fraudsters.

Do not think that your data will not interest anyone, even social media profiles are hacked to lure new victims, what can we say about e-wallets or mailboxes.

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