Information Product Plan. How to make a plan for the info goods?

0 Then you can start planning.

I would just like to say that you are unlikely to succeed in finding a good, ready-made plan, since you need to develop it individually for each project.

You can quickly create an information product plan yourself if you use the source code. In this article, we will present you with a useful table for quickly drawing up a plan, and also explain how to use it.

Information Product Plan. How to make a plan for the info goods?

There are many methods for developing information products, but this is exactly what many professionals have already rated and consider to be one of the best. So, to make a plan, you need to fill in the following table:

Information Product Plan. How to make a plan for the info goods?

When you make a plan for this table, you will divide your entire infoproduct into several topics (sections). This will help you simplify its compilation, as well as make the product more convenient for readers to assimilate.

How to fill out the plan correctly?

Let's consider each item separately to make it easier for you to understand.

For example, take the first topic of the information product on how to create a website and call it "domain selection and hosting":

  • Introduction - introductory and general information about domains and hosting.
  • Why - ask yourself the question why you decided to write this topic and you will express the answer in the next column.
  • What - here it is necessary to describe in detail what is at stake. Imagine that the material is assimilated by a novice, tell us what a domain and hosting are.
  • How - explain to the reader how to arrive at the desired result. In our case, how to choose a hosting and domain.
  • Actions - a detailed description of the actions to be performed (instructions for registering a domain and hosting). Here you can add links to useful resources.
  • Format - decide on the format of the content, infoprodukty filled with different information formats, assimilated much better and easier.
  • The "Conclusion" column is general, in which you will provide general information, which will be the logical ending of the entire information product.

Use the tricks of developing information products created by professionals. Try to fill in such a table and, if necessary, expand the number of its columns, because many different topics may be affected in one product.

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