Infobusiness without sales, earnings without sales

Creating information products has allowed many people to succeed, and not always serious results they managed to achieve solely due to numerous sales and high cost.

Some authors of e-books and video courses have been successful in distributing their products for free.

Info business without sales, is it possible? Of course, this is an original online business strategy that is not widespread. It is rather difficult to achieve information product sales, but what if this need is eliminated and users are offered to get data for free? Definitely you will achieve greater distribution of your products.

Infobusiness without sales, earnings without sales

Earnings without sales

ICQ developers showed an excellent example of free distribution of goods. A small team of programmers who once created one of the most convenient communication tools, worked for a long time and achieved enormous distribution of their product.

Now, attention, they sold their site for 287 million dollars. So, not receiving a single penny from the sale of their program, but rather being content with small deductions from the advertisements built into ICQ, they became owners of a huge amount of money.

You can make good money on software, but this requires serious programming knowledge. In the exact same way, you can create information products and distribute them for free, receiving a small fee from additional advertising, but the most important thing is to use each product as a source of traffic to your site.

In addition, you can build an impressive subscriber base, which is also capable of making serious money.

Infobusiness without sales, earnings without sales

Experienced specialists have already proved that the word “free” positively affects the interest of a potential client in a purchase. Suppose that you create 10 information products from which 30 people will transfer to your resource daily.

Thus, daily attendance will increase by 300 hosts, and monthly by 9000. Agree, this is an excellent result and note that we gave an example with minimal numbers, in fact, you can get a much more tangible result.

The only time to start getting good money will have to work for a very long time and develop new products at virtually no cost and to distribute them. But when you become the owner of a large resource or high-quality subscription base, you will not regret the time spent.

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