Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

A huge number of people are looking for options to save on advertising on the Internet.

Today everyone already knows that thanks to the world wide web you can attract a huge audience of people, but you can conduct effective advertising for free the company is unlikely to succeed. But there are ways that do not require serious expenses.

Affordable advertising in surfing on Seosprint, a solution that is suitable for attracting any target audience. On this site, you can link to any page of the site and then pay 3-5 kopecks to everyone who goes to it. It is simply impossible to find lower prices for online advertising.

The cheapest traffic

Now there are 404 thousand active users registered on Seosprint. Some of them can become your customers and are the target audience for the site. After the usual registration, you can add your site to the surfing and increase the traffic of any site with great speed.

When you have already created a profile from Seosprint, go to the Advertisement section in surfing (the block on the top right):

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

about your resource and configure some options. Here is the first part of this form:

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

Come up with an attractive headline to get as much user attention as possible. In the short description, you can specify additional information, such as prices or the opportunity to receive a bonus. In the line with the site address you can specify the URL of a specific page.

The link viewing time is the amount of time that a user spends on your site. The more seconds, the more expensive advertising. In addition, you can highlight the link, order a subsequent transition to the resource and select an audience.

Price is indicated at the end of this part, it is calculated depending on the parameters set.

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

This is the second part of the form of advertising in surfing, with which you can filter out the target audience. Anyone who is busy with advertising on the Internet, knows that you need to distribute advertising where there are potential customers. Therefore, do not spare the money to install advanced settings.

When you fill out both parts of the form and save the template, you will need to go to the advertising section in surfing and send your ads to the moderator’s check:

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

After a few hours your template will be checked and instead of the send to scan button, a button will appear to replenish the balance:

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

You can replenish the balance of your advertisement by an arbitrary amount, there are enough ways to transfer funds:

Inexpensive surf ads on Seosprint

As you can see, we have chosen the amount of 35 rubles, and this money will be enough for 1000 real users to switch on the ad campaign kyo. Agree, it is very cheap, because for only 350 rubles you can increase site traffic to 10,000 visitors.

It’s not difficult to carry out an advertising campaign with Seosprint and this will not entail serious expenses , but you need to remember that all users you pay, money for viewing ads, so the conversion of such traffic will not be the most high.

Nevertheless, even from here you can get good benefits, because real people visit the sites.

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