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You can relate to black SEO as you please, but one thing is certain: the ability to think outside the box and the ability to find new ways to promote in highly competitive niches does not take them. So why not take over some things from them and not apply them when promoting your white projects?

( Disclaimer: this post provides information for reflection, but not is a direct guide to action. Despite the fact that the following conclusions carry a crystal-white color, if used improperly they can take on a gray and even black tint with all the consequences.)

Most recently Anne Smartie, one of the authors of Search Engine The Journal found a rather interesting picture in the issue:

indirect website promotion - Profit Hunter

On request Viagra comments in one Om from blogs on Blogger at the time took the 4th position! Whereby? Thanks to the authority of the platform and hundreds of backlinks. As a result of this promotion, the webmaster must have received a rather strong influx of traffic through the comment link.

Since this method is based on spam, it cannot be used in its pure form for white projects. But to borrow some things is still possible (and necessary).

  1. Use indirect promotion . Increase the link weight of pages that link to your site. This will give you extra traffic and will strengthen your issuing positions.
  2. Use reputable free platforms . Create several satellites for the site and begin to increase their reference weight and promote search engines. This, again, will give you traffic and powerful backlinks.

p. with. Claiming that I burned the topic with comments on Blogger, please do not put forward - now the whole world knows about it 🙂

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