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INDEK. Exchange is a new original solution on the market of buying and selling links.

Key differences of this exchange of links from other

For webmasters:

  • Maximum income - INDEK. The exchange allows you to index for sale 5 levels of nesting site
  • Two-tier affiliate program - get paid for referrals of your referrals
  • Flexible pricing policyWell good websites Webmaster receives cash bonuses and discounts up to 70 % of the system commission;
    - the more you add good sites, the greater the discount;
    - the better the site - the more the Bonus!
    - Bonus can be spent on buying links and INDEK services, but cannot be removed from the system;
    - Put a bonus in your website promotion, increase its Tits, PR - and you can rodavat their pages more.

For the optimizer:

  • Buying links at the same time for any number of sites.
  • Purchase of block and contextual links in parallel.
  • New level of Search and Shopping links.

Both the webmaster and the optimizer feel the greatest financial loyalty in the market:

  • Reception of WMR, WMZ and most ESPs through the ROBOX service.
  • Acceptance of cash payments in Moscow.
  • Acceptance of funds by bank transfer without commission.
  • Providing the necessary fin. documentation.

With all the possibilities, the system commission is only 10% .

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