Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

The war between the CE and the black CEOshniki has been going on for a long time and many copies have already been broken in numerous forums. Meanwhile, an analysis of the endless hostilities and the continuous improvement of weapons can bring a significant dividend to those interested.

So let's start:

one of the important “heights” on the battlefield are the “profiles” of numerous blog-forums-services. It will be enough to say that even youtube, Google’s favorite child, got into the distribution of fake profiles.

Profiles have proven to be very productive platforms for promotion. Only one is not happy - rarely they can insert redirect scripts. Therefore, the most lazy representatives of the door-makers sculpt this kind of creation:

Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

They certainly see the traffic in their own home. But getting to the place of the surfer, falling on a similar page, you can understand why the CTR of such a decision rarely crosses the border of 15%. The lack of any intelligible sentence on the page makes the person close it and return to CE.

The elegant solution to this problem is the invention of image feed, that is, inserting pictures with the text of the sentence directly to the page of the dora:

Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

The CTR of such an offer is much more interesting than the page with “Click-click-clickme”. But the dissonance between the design of the service and the colors of image feed makes people tense up and figure out what's what. This is of course not good.

Therefore, over time, the design of the image feed began to evolve more or less decent and corresponding to at least the colors of the service:

Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

Using this solution, you will surely be I am 5% of the most highly clickable solutions. But progress does not stand still. And the ability to choose the color and background image feed added the ability to fully define the design.

And it finally made it possible to create a feed that is indistinguishable from the native filling the service. Having thus achieved maximum trust of the visitor of the issue - we raised the CTR to unattainable heights.

Increasing CTR with iFeed by RivaClick - Profit Hunter

Of course, there are many resources on which you can place similar image feed and not at all The designs we have created are sure to fit.

That is why we added the ability to upload your own styles. Believe, to create them is a pleasure. Minimum conventions, because the style is the usual xhtml + css.

And of course, our support will gladly give you any conceivable support.

Rivaclick is:
- Payments on request without delay
- High bids in combination with an excellent account of clicks
- High base rate on accounts
- All promotions required for the integration of
- Full set of feeders
- Registration is now open without invites
- Our programmers are always ready to add those tools if possible ,
that you need

If you are not registered with us yet, do it right now:
https: // www. rivaclick. com / register. html

By the way, Rivaklik is currently holding a contest. There are still 17 days left until its end 🙂

Try it and you will love it!

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