increased demand for esoteric. Remove the cream. - Profit Hunter

During the life of Nostradamus, there was no Internet. And not many people could read and study his works. Although, notice, they are still interested in them: there are discussions, hundreds of books have been written, there are many interpretations of his prophecies, etc. But it has been almost 400 years since his death. It can be said, Nostradamus took his place in the TOP-1 of issuing dozens of PSs even before the start of the Internet existence. I think if he was alive, then on esoteric would be a TOP webmaster for earnings.

Since ancient times, people have been interested in something secret, magical, ocult. People still want to know their future, to catch fortune, to avoid life problems, to have success in business or personal life, to find protection and answers to their questions. The Internet has added totalities to this cauldron of spiritualism, thanks to which the esoteric (as part of the occult) has spread throughout the world in a matter of years.

More about esoteric you can read in the same Wikipedia. For us, this topic has a commercial interest, because traffic here is the Nemer and it is mainly female ; which means dear .

increased demand for esoteric. Remove the cream. - Profit Hunter

We will satisfy commercial interest with the help of teaser network Teaser. cc . Affiliate specialization: esoterics, women's sites, congratulations.

increased demand for esoteric. Remove the cream. - Profit Hunter

If you compare tizerki Teaser. cc with the teaser of other affiliate programs, you will notice one interesting difference. And the difference concerns the text: you will not see such words as “free”, “urgent”, something on the theme of “naked”, etc. Teasers of the Teaser. Cc network have, one might say, official serious character . This indicates the affiliate's approach to the subject matter and quality. There are no these tabloid headings like “Press the button and the chest starts to grow” or “Zavorotnyuk again disgraced with her ...”, etc. This approach says about respect for webmasters and optimizers and for visitors, respectively.

In addition to the seriousness of the approach, go to the page contacts partner rki and be surprised.

For webmasters

  • Esoteric website: 1.75 rub - guaranteed cost for RF traffic;
  • Female website: 1 rub - guaranteed price for RF traffic;
  • Congratulatory website: 0.5 rub - guaranteed price for RF traffic;
  • Only thematic advertising on your site;
  • Designer of a teaser block;
  • Payments weekly on WebMoney;
  • Stable income.

The rest of the details you will find on the page for webmasters.

How much traffic is in this thread? Teaser. cc collaborates with such traders as ???? AstroMeridian. ru, Calendar. AstroMobile. ru, AstroScope. ru. Take a look at their stats on li. ru.

For optimizers

  • Esoterica (magic, fortune telling, unknown, and much more);
  • Female subjects (only female audience);
  • Congratulatory themes (greetings, toasts, poems, gifts);
  • Target visitor cost from 1.30 rubles!
  • Setting up an advertising campaign on the subject, RU-targeting, etc.

The rest of the details you will find on the page for optimizers.

Recommendation: register, try, earn.

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