Increase revenue from sales of technology Up-sell

Ordinary consumers and buyers do not notice how they are manipulated. A skilled seller knows his business and is able on a psychological level, forcing a customer to spend more than he expected. All sorts of clever tricks are used for this, and if you learn them, you can increase your income.

Upselling what is it? This is the reception of sellers and advertisers who sell more expensive products to interested customers.

The essence is extremely simple, if a person decides to buy something, it means that he is ready to spend. The task of the seller is to do so so that he would prefer the product with a higher cost .

Increase revenue from sales of technology Up-sell

Every entrepreneur must have an assortment. It is necessary to present the cheapest and most expensive goods.

Buyers are different, someone is trying to save money, some want to get high quality. In any case, they want to get a decent product for their money and not to overpay.

A simple example is upselling in a restaurant. When a client asks the waiter “What is fresh and interesting,” he is offered the most expensive dishes. You can also hear "I would recommend you to try a more delicious, unusual dish from the chef," which is done to pull money.

Many people are interested in what is called upselling in hotels. Hotel employees identify customer needs and impose costly services. In this case, the benefit appears for both parties - the client gets more comfort, the company has more profit.

Increase revenue from sales of technology Up-sell

The Up-sell sales technique implies the use of several marketing techniques at once:

  • offering more expensive goods and services;
  • offer of delivery when ordering from the amount N;
  • providing a discount for a large amount of purchases;
  • explaining the consumer's benefit (it is better to buy 1 liter bottle than to pay for 2 bottles of 0 . 5 l.);
  • provision of discounts on subsequent purchases (for goods with a high price).

Every experienced businessman knows that if customers used the most expensive offers, profits would have increased significantly. That is why upselling is being actively used. Just do not confuse this technique with the cross-sell technique.

What is the difference between Up-sell and Cross-sell?

The main task of upselling is to convince the buyer to buy expensive goods. Crosselling suggests additional sales.

For example, when selling a car, they offer to buy mats, covers, tires and more. Understand the difference? Maybe this image will help you understand this:

Increase revenue from sales of technology Up-sell

These methods are effective, but are built on different principles. Which is better to use? First you need to determine the needs of the buyer.

By offering a more expensive product and explaining it, you need to evaluate the reaction. If the client does not intend to pay more, then you need to include Cross-sell and fill it with additional offers.

Such a method as upselling should be used correctly. Most customers are interested in the best deals, they need to be convinced that this is not the best choice and advertise expensive products well. Most importantly, present the benefits they will receive.

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