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In this video, Matthew Glenfield analyzes a typical online store and gives recommendations on how to increase website conversion. I hope this information is useful to those of you who are already engaged in or will still be engaged in e-commerce.

The original video can be viewed here. (To do this, you need to register on the site. Registration is free.)

The subject for analysis was the silver-jewelry site. ws.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

The first defect that immediately catches your eye (if you have already read the translation of the video How to increase the conversion of the site, you should have noticed it too), this is the left column of the menu.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter Such a long list does not at all help the visitor to find what he is looking for. Moreover, it interferes with the search. Try for a couple of seconds (do not expect the potential buyer to spend more time on this) find the item “silver rings” in this menu ( silver rings ).

To do this, you need to drop a little If not at the very end of the list. In addition, after viewing the first few points, the visitor may get bored with this idea, and he will simply turn his attention to something else or leave the site altogether. (I personally managed to find silver rings only after I reviewed the menu twice, for the first time I simply did not notice it - note.)

Imagine that there is a person who desperately needs silver rings. He has never bought them before, and therefore does not know any online stores. Naturally, he goes to Google and drives in silver rings or buy silver rings . As a result, he finds this site and goes to it. But what does he see? Where are the promised rings? His eyes wander around the page, he tries to click on the image with the rings, he looks at the menu, but there are no rings anywhere. What does he do next? Right, he presses the "Back" button.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

But his (and the shop owner) happiness was so close ...

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter Therefore, the first thing the site owner should do this, split the menu into blocks (preferably 5-7 items in each block). If possible, the background and font color of the subtitles should be the reverse of the background color and font of the individual menu items. that is, if the menu items are made in blue on a white background, the subtitle should be white on a blue background.

In this case, the visitor will skim through the subtitles and, finding the most suitable them, looking at individual items. As a result, he quickly finds what he needs.

He figured out the first item. The next step that can increase the conversion is adding a column to the right .

It is very important that all the necessary information is at the top of the page - until “bend” (the bend separates the visible - upper - and invisible - lower - parts of the page).

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter If you look at the site, you will see that it has fairly wide white fields on the sides of the page. Why not reduce these fields to a minimum or remove them altogether and add a column with important information to the right? For example, with information about why your store or your products are better than the store and competitor's products. Or contact customer service. Like this, for example, Andy Jenkins does.

If you have any advantages, such as free delivery, online support or safety certificates (Hacker Safe, BBB Online, etc.), make sure that the visitor sees them immediately.

The next thing to change is the site header . The image of the ring takes up a lot of space that could be used more effectively (for example, to place ad units with a help desk phone or popular products). It is also better to remove the block with links (on the right) and place it, for example, in the lower part of the left column.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter Next on the list is a subscription list. An online store is not a landing page with a subscription form, so the percentage of subscribers is initially supposed to be very low. Whatever it was, the main task of the store is still to sell, and not to collect email addresses. However, if you are determined to create a subscription list, do not write that you only need the addresses of visitors in order to send them advertising about new products. Instead, offer them, for example, a free guide for storing and cleaning silver or something like that.

It is also useful here to add a pointing arrow or replace the text with an image of a free guide, that is, to somehow draw the visitor’s attention to the subscription form.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter The subscription fields need to be expanded, the Signup / Remove line is removed (it is not needed at all), and the word Go! on the button is replaced with something more suitable For example, Get My Free Report or something along the same lines.

Such simple changes can increase the percentage of subscribers from less than one percent to 5-10%.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter The next thing the site owner needs to do is move the security certificates to the top of the page .

You also need to remove (at least from the main page) all banners . Not only do they spoil the design of the site, they also steal visitors who could potentially buy something.

Now let's move on to filling the main page. There is text optimized for search engines, which is already good, and several images. The text on the main page, of course, is needed, but it does not have to be in the most visible place. In this place it is best to place blocks with clickable images and product names .

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

To top it all, the online store owner can use the reward program . For example, for every hundred spent, charge 5 y. e. bonus in the following purchases. This will increase the percentage of repeat purchases.

Now let's go to the internal pages of the site - pages with a description of the product. First of all, it is necessary to note the successful use of the module "Together with this product, visitors bought ...". However, the description of the product is clearly lame. First, it must be expanded to reduce the amount of empty space and add a few keywords. - second, the font color should be made black rather than dark gray in order to make it easier to read.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

In addition, the information on the price and size of the goods should be placed immediately below the description , and move the description up.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

There is still an item like retail price . This price is is much higher than the one that the store owner asks for his goods, so he is simply obliged to play on this difference and arrange the prices one after the other. Even better, cross out the retail price and write " Our Price: $… ". You can also indicate in brackets how much a visitor will save if he buys goods in this store - ( you save ...% ).

And, of course, you need to move the Add to Cart closer to the price so that it gets into the focal vision of the buyer. It is better to change the color of the button so that it stands out from the background - for example, to make it yellow.

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

Here you can conduct a small test and place the image on the left side of the page, and the description on the right, so that the visitor’s gaze does not jump around the page, but moves smoothly through it: from site name to the button Add to Cart .

Increase online store conversion - Profit Hunter

After all this, the owner of the online store will only have to put Google Analytics code on separate pages and specify landing pages to track changes in the conversion.

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