Increase earnings on the site, How to earn on the site?

Did you spend an enormous amount of time creating an ideal (in your view) resource and now faced with the problem of low profits? This is not surprising, because, firstly, each of us has individual preferences, and secondly, you need to consider not only the “beauty” of the site, but also its effectiveness.

To get started, try to figure out exactly what your website should do to make you money. If this is a presentation of information about various products that your visitors subsequently buy and you get a partner reward, then you will need to use all available options to increase traffic conversion.

Increase earnings on the site, How to earn on the site?

How to make more money on the site?

Increasing traffic conversion is not the easiest process. Every text on your site should effectively influence the desire of the reader and turn it into a buyer. Developed quite a lot of different ways to influence visitors to the site, use them.

I’ll tell you right away that in order to become a professional and understand the efficient conversion of traffic, you will need to study more than one book.

Increase earnings on the site, How to earn on the site?

Website promotion

Another important point is the attendance of your resource. In most cases, low profits are explained precisely by the fact that the site is visited by 100-200 users. It is easier to affect attendance, again there are so many different ways for this, here are some of them:

  • Use promotion in social. networks.
  • Distribute links on the forums.
  • Create and distribute articles with embedded links.
  • Do SEO optimization for the top search results in the TOP.
  • Use other popular resources (YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

If you succeed in increasing the attendance of a resource, then most likely the profit will be higher. It is worth noting that even without making changes to the content, to increase conversion, you will get more. Why? For example, if the conversion rate of your traffic is 0. 2, then with 100 visitors you get a result of 0. 2, and with 1000 visitors 2.

By increasing the attendance 10 times, you can increase your profit to the same extent . But remember that the traffic you attract must be of high quality and targeted. The increase in earnings on the site can be achieved in various ways, but in any case, you will need to take active steps.

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