In which slots is the wheel of fortune?

For fans of slot machines, it often happens that you accidentally find an interesting slot, play it, and in the morning you cannot remember the name.

There are so many options for automata that, at random, opening all the slots in a row, it is not always possible to find exactly what searched

Slot machines and the wheel of fortune in the form of an additional game, this is another kind of slots that has many fans. Everyone knows the rules of this bonus game, the wheel spins up and you get additional prizes . Simple and interesting game, which is found on many machines.

In which slots is the wheel of fortune?

I would just like to say that you only need to play on popular and trusted sites. We have compiled a rating of the best online casinos, choose the appropriate resources from it.

In the same place, look for machines with a wheel of fortune, it is available in these slots:

  1. - the design of this machine is interesting, but the main thing is an additional game. The developer of the Playtech slot, and in the wheel of fortune there are 4 levels. The higher you climb, the more substantial the bonuses will be. Just remember that there you can lose everything quickly.
  2. : Finding the Throne of Skulls - treasure hunters with whom you will spin the drums in the hope of winning. The extra game is called Wheel of Fortune, it multiplies the win received. It all depends on how big the bid was.
  3. - as in the previous slot, the developer is Sheriff Gaming. The essence of the wheel of fortune does not change, you also launch it and get an additional multiplier for the amount won.
  4. - the developers of Betsoftgaming created an automaton, but it has many modifications. An additional game is called differently, for example, "Money wheel". Everyone who spins it, gets additional bonuses.
  5. - an unusual plot and interesting design make this slot one of the best. The wheel here is made so that every player gets some winnings.
  6. - a machine with two different additional games. In both the wheel spins, only somewhere there are free spins, and somewhere cash prizes. Games are launched in separate rounds.
  7. is the only slot where the wheel of fortune is represented in the main window. It rarely starts, the rules describe situations when this happens. But the winnings are decent there.
  8. - an unremarkable slot, with an additional game in the form of a wheel of fortune. Here, too, everyone gets the winnings, and some non-standard features force players to return to this machine.
  9. - the machine gun is designed by one of the most popular NetEnt companies. In addition to the usual cash prizes, jackpots are played here. The wheel consists of several levels, on each of them the gain increases.
  10. - the additional game is called the "Wheel of abundance", it was invented by Playtech. It is one of the levels in which large sums and impressive jackpots are played.

Now it’s easy to find a machine with a wheel of fortune. Such slots are represented in almost all casinos. So choose your favorite gaming site and look for suitable games.

In which slots is the wheel of fortune?

Additional games in slots may be attractive, but do not lose your head from them.

Try different machines, play for free, keep your statistics and read useful articles on the Internet. The wheel of fortune, though interesting, with it, the winning percentage does not increase.

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