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As the saying goes, not a single Spring Marathon 🙂

Looking for traffic is another series of articles now from Daily Blog Tips. This series was launched quite recently - while only two parts came out, the first of which I present in this post.

Any site needs traffic. If there is no traffic, no one buys your goods, you have no one to give out your free bonuses, no one subscribes to your newsletter - in short, there is simply no point in the existence of such a site. The author of the series will cover any one tactic of attracting traffic, and to make it clearer, the text of the posts will be divided into blocks “Concept” , “Efficiency of the method” and “C where to start ”.

So, part 1: Design galleries and CSS galleries

In Search of Traffic - Design Galleries & CSS Galleries - Profit Hunter

Concept: On the Internet, all sorts of galleries are a dime a dozen. In most cases, these galleries collect the most creative and attractive website designs from around the world (usually CSS-based sites, but there are also galleries for Flash and XHTML sites) and show them to their visitors.

Some galleries are so popular that they can easily give up to several thousand visitors, all you have to do is get to the main page of one of them, but that's not all: designs from large galleries are copied into smaller galleries, from where traffic also comes Consequently, the “traffic” raspberry can last for several days.

Method effectiveness: This method definitely works, but for your website to be shot in galleries, it must have not just a unique, but a very attractive and creative design. For example, the DailyBlogTips blog also has a unique design, but it is unlikely to ever fall into any of the galleries.

Also, you should understand that the quality of traffic from galleries is very low. Visitors will be primarily interested in the design of the site, and not its content. Of course, if you manage to find a successful solution for keeping them (placing popular content in a prominent place, a bright button to subscribe to the newsletter, etc.), a certain part of the visitors will stay with you. (The subject of the site also plays a significant role here.)

Where to start: To begin with, you naturally need a good design. If you understand CSS, do it yourself. If not, hire a web designer. To increase the chances of success, use the original color schemes, unique navigation menus, etc.

As soon as the design is ready, add the website to different galleries and cross your fingers. A list of the most popular galleries and a detailed description of each of them can be found on The Great Website Design Gallery Roundup.

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