In Search of Traffic - Blog Carnivals - Profit Hunter

In Search of Traffic - Blog Carnivals - Profit Hunter Before proceeding to the description of this method of attracting traffic, I will inform you of the news from Ed Dale and the company. The other day they launched a beta version of the utility, which will allow the machine to post bookmarks in 30 (so far) social. networks. Service at the moment does not work, is setting up and other technical work. But it is already possible to register in it 🙂

To use the service, you must be registered on the ThirtyDayChallenge website. com.

Now to the subject.

Immediately, I note that blog carnivals , as a method of driving traffic, are best suited for white niche projects, so far not every webmaster will use them. But be that as it may ...

In Search of Traffic - Blog Carnivals - Profit Hunter

Concept: In a nutshell, a blog-carnival is an assembly of links to articles / posts on a given topic. Some bloggers provide their blog as a “carnival” platform, and the rest of the authors send him links to relevant articles and posts. Such carnivals can be either one-time or regular (once a week, month, etc.) They can always be carried out on the same site or permanently on different ones.

Method effectiveness: Although this method is old, it definitely works. Even in the worst case, you still get a couple of inverse links and a few transitions. The end result depends on the size of the carnival and the quality of participants . (The author of the article writes that some of these carnivals brought him up to 500 visitors and a couple dozens of backlinks.)

Where to start: To get started, visit http : // blogcarnival. com / bc / and look for carnivals suitable for your niche. Find sites that will soon conduct their "carnivals" and send there links to the best articles from your site / blog. In addition, follow the blogs in your niche - some bloggers spontaneously conduct such carnivals: they simply ask their readers to share links on a specific topic and then publish these links on the blog.

As an option, you can also conduct your carnival (if the number of regular readers is high enough) and connect other bloggers to it.


And here I laughed for a long time. Thanks to Sprut and Davydov for the announcement and Steammy for the creative.

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