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What do you think, if you conduct a survey among Runet users, with a question which site is the most popular, which resource will they remember first of all? Surely, among the leaders will be the social network Vkontakte. This is one of the best resources, which gained huge popularity in the shortest possible time.

Today, every Internet user knows the name of the company. How to register Vkontakte know almost everything, but the multimillion audience has already created a profile for themselves on this project. But not everyone knows how the development of this site began, and when it appeared.

In contact with. How to register Vkontakte? | Workion. ru

How did the Vkontakte website appear?

In 2006, at the very beginning of summer, Pavel Durov developed the initial version of Vkontakte , which at that time was planned for communication between students of its university. But only a few months later, on October 1, more precisely, the Vkontakte domain was registered, which was subsequently refused.

After another 10 days, the project began to function fully, and the first users started creating profiles. Then, registration was closed, and it was possible to pass only by invitation. An obligatory factor was the indication of the real name and surname.

Already at the end of November, registration restrictions were lifted, and everyone had the opportunity to open their profile on Vkontakte. In parallel with this, an active advertising site was launched, and those who helped to promote the project received various prizes under the Apple brand.

By February 2007, Vkontakte managed to dial 100,000 users, and by November of this year, 3 million accounts were opened. From this point on, the active development of the resource began, which quickly gained popularity, bypassed the already existing Odnoklassniki network and became the leader in terms of the volume of generated traffic.

Next year, Vkontakte began searching for competent specialists to support and develop its website. In addition, there was a WAP version of the site, localization in the Ukrainian language, the purchase of votes via SMS, and new interfaces were added.

In contact with. How to register Vkontakte? | Workion. ru

In April 2008, representatives of the social network said that their site is used by more than 10 million people who view 600,000 pages of daily content. And on November 5, a 20 millionth registration was carried out. The final important event for Vkontakte for 2008 is the opening of the Appendix section.

As mentioned earlier, the Vkontakte domain was refused, and the new Vk domain. com was registered in September 2009. There were no major changes this year, except for the fact that the social network audience continued to grow at a significant pace. In April of this year, a record was recorded for unique visitors, which showed 14. 3 million hosts.

The threshold of 60 million registrations was overcome in February 2010. But already on November 24, the 100 millionth registration passed. This year there were a lot of updates - the payment system was added, the opportunity to receive SMS for incoming messages was added, the "Like" button was added, and pages with all photos of the user appeared.

In the same year, there was a sensational story with the introduction of microblogging on the walls of profiles, but later it was abandoned because it caused a lot of discontent.

In 2011, Vkontakte again became one of the most frequently mentioned sites in the news, as one of the participants was arrested for adding music to his page.

Some changes were also made on the site - viewing the history of calls, improving security, appearing warnings when switching to dangerous sites, there were additional privacy settings. Also, the official application appeared under iOS, and hashtags began to be used.

With the advent of 2012, users of the most popular social network on the RuNet were able to observe the following changes - video calls, the ability to share photo albums, you can add video, audio and pictures in the comments, you can get recommendations for each song.

Also, this year, testing of the official advertising exchange began, and a representative office of Vkontakte in Kiev was opened.

Changes in 2013 to a certain extent improved the Vkontakte project. By this time, the site has already received worldwide popularity and even Tom Cruise (not a fake) has registered on it.

For 2013, soc. the network appeared in the news often, for example, because it was added to the unified registry, but after a few hours it was removed from the database. Another event that occurred on Vkontakte is the spread of a virus that has infected many computers.

Because of this, when visiting your profile, they were given a message about blocking the account and the need to send an SMS.

In 2014, Vkontakte was audited by tax authorities, and its developer Pavel Durov left the post of general director . Today, Mail is the main shareholder of this company. ru, who bought the last package of shares. The system continues to evolve and the number of registered users is steadily increasing.

How to register Vkontakte?

The registration procedure on this site is extremely simple, but search engines often look for the answer to this question. After going to the main page of the site, you need to enter your first and last name, and also click the registration button:

In contact with. How to register Vkontakte? | Workion. ru

The second step of registration is verification by the phone number that was entered for Security:

In contact with. How to register Vkontakte? | Workion. ru

After specifying a phone number and passing a check, you will have access to a personal page.

You can use your account for different purposes, including for making money. For example, you can use Earnings Vkontakte through the axle boxes and turn a hobby into earnings, using many different services.

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