In 2020, 20% of Russians will work on the Internet

Modern technologies constantly change our life. More recently, it was difficult to imagine working at home at a computer, but now it is quite normal.

Millions of people are engaged in this, but so far the niche is crude and not developed. In the near future, things will change, analysts say.

In 2020, 20% of Russians will work remotely, it became known after a major event of a foreign company.

According to analysts, in the next few years, remote work will begin to flourish and very soon, one in five will work without leaving home.

In 2020, 20% of Russians will work on the Internet

Why is work developing through the Internet?

Prerequisites for this phenomenon appeared in the 70s, when they began to use the Internet. Naturally, overseas, it all started earlier, so now we are a little behind their indicators.

Back in 2014, the number of people working remotely in Russia was 2. 53 million (a year earlier there were 2. 3 million).

Today, remote workers occupy slightly less than 4% of the total number of working people in Russia.

For comparison, in the USA there are more than 30%. Analysts are confident that Russia will tighten this figure to 20% and this will happen in 2020 . The main reason for these changes is increased savings.

As a rough estimate, the total savings will be $ 1 trillion. rubles. A survey among owners of large companies showed that many plan to use modern technology to save money. Moreover, 40% of businessmen admitted that they periodically use the services of freelancers.

Remote employment develops for a reason, attracting remote workers will help the company to save 170 thousand rubles for each employee. The sum is huge, and it turns out to achieve cost reduction due to:

  • no need to get to work;
  • availability of the workplace (even during the hospital);
  • maintenance of office space;
  • easy recruitment of staff from the regions.

Of course, the transition to remote work has some drawbacks. The main one is the lack of ability to control the activities of employees.

Only for this reason, some company owners do not want to use the Internet. Also, the part expressed a negative attitude towards constant communication via the Internet with subordinates.

At any time, the analyst forecast may change, since too many factors are associated with this trend. The state will play a significant role, the new laws will either trigger a trend increase, or, on the contrary, reduce the growth of remote workers.

In 2020, 20% of Russians will work on the Internet

After the release of the Personal Data Act, the figures declined slightly. At least due to the fact that companies had to look for new employees, as their databases were stored outside the Russian Federation.

Analysts are still making assumptions with caution, as things can change dramatically. But despite the different factors, the changes should be for the better.

This can be judged by indicators of previous years. In 2010, the number of remote vacancies was only half a percent, and in 2015, their number rose to 4%.

It is possible that a fifth of Russians will not be employed via the Internet in 2020, but the popularity of remote earnings will surely grow.

That is why it is better to start exploring e-commerce right now. Find out what are the ways to make money on the Internet and prepare for the fact that humanity will move to work from home.

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