Improving the PF through the Bucks, on tests and tasks

There are a lot of nuances in website promotion that every webmaster who plans to promote his resource needs to understand. Search engines when ranking sites necessarily take into account behavioral factors. The way users behave on the site, navigate through the pages, or leave them without looking for 15 seconds, affects the positions.

Various methods are used to improve behavioral factors (PF). Now even there are special services that reduce the number of failures. To use them, you will need to pay, but you cannot be sure of the result. In addition, there are more economical ways to improve the PF.

Improving the PF through the Bucks, on tests and tasks

How to improve behavioral factors?

Improving PF through the Bucks, this is the cheapest and most effective way. Active advertising systems offer webmasters to create any tasks, and you will check the implementation yourself. The performers of these tasks are ordinary users who work to get money.

I would just like to say that adding sites to surfing, autosurfing or paid letters is not worth it. This will increase site traffic, but the number of failures may be even greater. In addition, search engines determine the sources of traffic, and motivated traffic is not considered quality.

To make good use of click sponsors, create tests or tasks in which you will specify certain requirements for implementation. Do you have any questions? Let's take a closer look at both options.

Improving the PF through the Bucks, on tests and tasks

In the tests, users are asked to answer a few questions. To find answers to questions they need to visit a specific site. In the test, you can place up to 5 questions, which means that the user will necessarily visit 5 pages of the site, and at the same time will linger on each of them to search for an answer. Here is an example of the test:

Improving the PF through the Bucks, on tests and tasks

To prevent users from switching from a direct link, you can specify in the first paragraph which query you need to enter in a search engine to find your resource.

Running tests is not available on all mailers, the best option for running tests is to use the Seosprint system, it has this functionality and a huge number of performers are registered. For each correctly passed test, you will pay about 25 kopecks.

Improving the PF through the Bucks, on tests and tasks

Performing tasks as well as passing tests will require some expenses from you. It is best to run tasks on the wmmail box, this is the most popular service with a thoughtful interface. The minimum price of the job - 1 cent.

What can you include in the execution requirements? In addition to the fact that the user will need to visit several pages of your site, you can indicate the need to write a comment or share the site page on social networks. Naturally, the more complex the task, the more expensive it is.

There are no restrictions in the requirements, specify any conditions and get fulfillment from real users, who also can become regular visitors of your site.
Many webmasters think that there is no point in linking their sites with click sponsors, but if everything is done correctly, then you can allocate tremendous benefits from mailers.

The most important thing is not to specify the address of your site, but to submit a request for search engines , so that users find a resource through search engines.

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