Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

Many optimizers are confident that search engine algorithms have changed their priorities a long time ago and now the main ranking factor is behavioral factors.

If users navigate to a website from a search engine and spend a lot of time on it, this indicates the quality of the resource.

It is impossible to argue with this, you can only test this theory and try to improve behavioral factors. This can be done in different ways, but in order to immediately track the results, it is easier to use wrap.

Improving PF through - this is an ideal option to quickly and efficiently improve traffic to your site.

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

How to improve the behavioral factor?

We briefly talked about this system in the article Where to order website promotion, but now let's consider the project more in detail and explain how to use Movebo.
To begin with, we will explain the principle of operation of this system:

  1. Register in the system.
  2. Add your site.
  3. Specify the parameters to visit.
  4. Spend payment.
  5. Get quality transitions.
  6. Visitors visit several pages and spend up to 3 minutes on the site.
  7. Behavioral factors are improving.

It is not difficult to register with the system, and in parallel with this you will add your resource to the system and set the parameters for improving the PF.

There is a form on the main page of the site:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

Enter the data and click "Register". After that, you are asked to specify the address of the resource:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

The next step is to specify the keywords that users will go to your site from search engines:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

A similar form is intended for Google, and after filling them out, you will have to wait a bit and a table will appear in your profile:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

As you can see, for Our blog system has identified the most appropriate request "Earn money on the Internet." For only 10 rubles per day (300 per month), we will get an increase in traffic by 30%. This is relatively not a lot of money for such services, so you can proceed to the payment procedure:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

All common replenishment methods are offered, so you will not have problems here. You can replenish your account with any amount, and after that, you just have to start the project:

Improving behavioral factor through Movebo

The system will provide you with detailed reports on how many visitors you received from Movebo for today and yesterday.

Thanks to this system, you can use unique promotion technologies. The administration of the service claims that in a month, you will be able to observe the results of using Movebo . And the main advantage of the project is a wide geography, because sites can be promoted in more than 20 regions.

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