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Important News - Profit Hunter The results of the Unique Person Contest have been summed up. They made me very, very pleased: together with Sergey Oleinik, we won first place !!! (By the way, all runeteurs need to become familiar with his article 11 ways of non-exploratory advancement in Runet. This is a good selection of time-tested techniques.) Now I feel about the same as this child in the photo 🙂 I really am very happy. So I accept congratulations, flowers, sweets ... And at once I say thank you all very much! If you haven’t seen it yet, great!


(Information layer.) Yesterday I published the post "8 ways ...". After reading the comments, I understood why guru-blogs like John Chow, Problogger and Shoemaker are so popular in the West. (No, do not think, I have nothing against them. They are great guys and need to take an example from them.)

Scrolling through their blogs, I leave 1 article from 15-20 in the reader (at best case). Then why are they so popular? It seems to me, because they have learned to throw readers a bone in the form of 12 and a half ways of how to do something that everyone has long known, or news, which by and large is not interesting and useless to anyone, but which will be actively discussed in the comments on the forums and blogs. They just have fun and everyone likes it.

While in the Cash Tactics blog (from which I, too, will soon begin to pull articles) almost every post is worth its weight in gold, but there are only 250+ subscribers. (For reference, the author of the blog is the owner of the most popular product on PayDotCom and several successful businesses.)

So I’m probably not going to publish posts like yesterday. You, my readers, are already actively commenting on what I am writing, but I don’t feel like pouring water. Surely you did not come here for this. Of course, all sorts of lists will be. But only those that will be useful for at least beginners, such as a post about 10 factors of internal optimization or about 10 habits of successful bloggers.


Dmitry SMART again decided to put all the blogs together, but now he will publish announcements of only the most interesting posts on SEO, SMO, moneymaking, etc. As for me The idea is worth supporting. You can subscribe to his new newsletter right from here.


Feedburner is nightmare again. At first, statistics for the last 30 days began to be shown (already corrected), and today, in general, bloggers have been mocked at bloggers (the screenshot is taken from Blograte):

Important News - Profit Hunter

It’s certainly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it will become a place, but why is there a rodeo at all? In my opinion, there are two options: either they have permanent repairs there, or this is one of the types of viral marketing 🙂 And the second one is very likely, because many bloggers write about such jumps, and this is rumor and links.

In general, the main thing is that feeds are regularly sent out - tsiferki secondary.


And now dessert 🙂

I officially (!!!) announce that I will hold a month in April for the development of burzhunet. The whole thing will be called Spring Marathon and will consist of video lessons (and, if possible, their textual calculations), which will focus on topics such as:

  • niche search , keywords, product;
  • installing and configuring blog and posting;
  • creating content;
  • creating a grid of satellite sites on free platforms;
  • basics internal and external optimization;
  • directories, articles, press releases;
  • PPC;
  • outsourcing;
  • , etc.

This will be a basic course for those who make their first steps in the Internet business. The Spring Marathon itself will be based (and will largely overlap) at the Autumn Marathon, so I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it soon. For each lesson and stage of work, I will show the tools (programs, useful resources) that will simplify or speed up the process.

Experienced readers please do not be upset: I am not going to stop publishing translations during this period (March-April). Perhaps they will be published less frequently: once every two or three days, and perhaps they will be translated by someone else, and I will only edit them, but they will be released.

As for the knowledge of the language, for the beginning you will have enough of the school program. If you want to improve your skills in this area, I can recommend the course Bridge to English . This is the best I've seen from this type of textbooks.

A small but important digression: I am not an expert in Internet marketing, I have no experience that you may have, I not I can show you checks for thousands of dollars and I can not give you a pill that will solve all the problems. By and large, I am a novice. But I know base and I want to share it with those who do not even know that.Well, it will work out or not, to judge you.

So, I start the countdown: 39 days remain before the start of the Spring Marathon.

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