Implications of decisions. Module 7. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Remember that the seventh module passes under the slogan Go / Not to Go . It is important to weigh the consequences when deciding.

Solution: Not to Go

I want to consider the options for such a solution if you decide not to continue developing in your niche or to leave the online business altogether.

Sell the site

First, you can sell your WordPress-created site. Where to sell? On the site of sale and purchase of sites Flippa. com . The sale of the site compensates with money the time spent and the efforts that you put into developing your site. Even if the site has not brought any profit, it still has value.

Who can buy such a site? Someone who needs keywords and content in your niche. Why would anyone else start everything from scratch if there is a ready-made site? He will buy it and finish everything he needs.

Continue to maintain the site

You can save the site even if it does not make any money. Your website can get PR over time. Then it can be used as a source of backlinks for your other projects. Thus, the site will be not commercial, but SEO interest.

Solution: Go

Increase traffic

There are two ways to increase traffic. The first is to increase the site's rating in the eyes of the PS. What do I need to do? You already have keywords. It is necessary to increase the number of backlinks for these keywords. For PS it will be a reason to increase the issue of your site.

The second way is to use Market Samurai and search for additional keywords that match your micro niche. After you write articles optimized for them, as well as address the issue of backlinks.

Use the statistics Google Analytics to search for new keywords.

Spend conversions

After traffic increases, it is worth making other changes for your site. How about creating mailing lists, media or video podcasts, publishing in the media, etc.? Study the issue of increasing conversion. We talked about this in the preparatory lesson “Symphony of 4 parts - Preparing for a marathon”

Increase in customer value

Pay attention to the 4th part of the symphony. As soon as you feel comfortable yourself in a niche, you will begin to get a better understanding of the problems that people face in your niche. On this basis, you can develop your own product.

These products may include audio products, information products, and even the video products you will be broadcasting online and pa offline.

The goal here is to create products with higher perceived value that can be sold for a large amount of money, thereby increasing the relative margin you will receive from the person buying the product.

This option is the most optimal. And few come to this option. Most work with affiliate programs and other people's products. Strive to create your product. Then others will sell it.

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