Implement all your ideas in business

On the Internet, hundreds of thousands of sites and millions of other sites are launched every day.

New groups are opening on social networks, YouTube channels are being created, and so on. Of the total number of these projects, only a small part gains much popularity and begins to bring the owner a decent income.

Anyone who is trying to develop in this direction, you need to remember one simple rule "Did not get it done? Open another!". After all, there are many people who are beating against the wall, but they still do not achieve good results.

It is necessary to understand that not all ideas are good and sometimes it is better to take the project to the background, taking time to something new.

Implement all your ideas in business

A great example of the fact that you shouldn’t waste a lot of time on unpromising projects was demonstrated by Google. This corporation, since 2004, tried to take a good position in the niche of social networks.

Over the years of active work, they created the Orkut project, then they bought a Dodgeball startup, transformed it into Google Latitude, bought out mobile social. Zingku network, acquired Aardvark and Slide Inc. , used Angstro and even tried to buy out Friendster.

None of the ideas were married to success, but now their Google + network is well developed and is in the TOP 10. How did they do it? They did not stop at one thing, but constantly tried to work out the best project that would deserve great popularity.

You have no idea how much time and money they had to spend, although professionals worked on each project. What can we say about your small group Vkontakte or channel on YouTub. Even small blogs and services are sometimes better to replace, but continue to maintain (or sell on).

Implement all your ideas in business

Can't think of an idea?

It can be difficult to find a decent idea, because you need to think of something interesting, take into account your skills, and assess the profitability of the sphere. Your head is the best generator of ideas, start to look at things around you and life moments in a new way.

I recently saw in a comedy how five friends collected clippings from films with naked stars in order to later launch their website and fill it with these passages.

Every idea should be recorded and thought out. If nothing comes to mind, read our articles:

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After reading these materials, you will learn about several options for launching a project. Combine them, upgrade and add something of your own.

Try different options, and act boldly, because sometimes even absurd ideas turn into a profitable business . The more attempts you make, the higher the chances are that you will be able to launch a really interesting platform that will quickly become popular.

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