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In general, such a thing. Within the framework of the 2008 Marathon, Ed and the company will present one very interesting programmatic program. Besides the fact that they present it, they also distribute the trial version for 40 days. But they distribute it to only participants of the Marathon. Here are some of her features:

  • provides accurate data on the current popularity of keywords.
  • helps you find profitable niches.
  • helps you find untold segments within a niche
  • allows you to make a full analysis of the market
  • shows the words and phrases that your competitors use
  • reduces the time spent on market research
  • highlights the “selling” words and phrases
  • and much more ...

Of course, in the free version there is not everything that will be paid, but still ...

I will tell you more about this tool on Tuesday, but if you are you are going to take part in this Marathon, or you want to start working (or are already working) in my Spring Marathon, or are just going to work with a burzhunet, but you don’t know which niche to choose, then you definitely need this tool. 40 days of detailed data on bourgeois niches in exchange for a nickname and email address ... I think that even questions should not arise here 🙂

Register here.

Damn, my hands itch ... Monday will be first lesson. See you 😉

p. with. By the way, this year the lessons will be even on weekends. Considering that, apart from the Marathon of plans for August, I have a higher roof (do not forget about the Moscow Polubomzh competition), I feel that the end of summer will be very hot for me. Either I learn to work effectively or not. August will show.

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