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Well, summer is over, it's time to get to work 😉

I hope, during the holidays, you have gathered a lot of new ideas for future projects. If so, then the matter remains for the small: to build an unassuming design, find content, find a quality hosting and launch the project.

In the design, I am not your assistant, I wrote about the search for content many times, but I would like to talk about hosting separately.

When choosing a hosting service, you need to consider 3 things:

  • Geography of the audience for which the site is intended.
  • Technical features of the project and hosting capabilities.
  • Reputation and quality of service of the hosting provider.

Now point by point:

  • If the main audience of your site is Russian-speaking visitors, you should ideally place your site in Russia. If you sharpen the project under the bourgeois, then you better find a hosting in the States. So sites will work faster, and you should not forget about geo-targeting.
  • When developing a project, you need to build on the technical capabilities of hosting. One friend created a website on jsp, as a result, a year later he spat on this venture and rewrote it in php. Now he works quietly and does not have hemorrhoids with the search for the site and moving.
  • And, of course, if you choose a hosting service, it means that you should choose it for something, and not just because it is cheaper than others. And here, reviews on webmasters' forums and blogs, plus a personal impression of communication with the staff, play a significant role. It’s not good when even for the smallest request the support snaps into the style “for your 5 bucks we are too lazy even to print a couple of lines, you will kill.” These hosters are not for me.

I recently read about Dimka about the SG host Managed. I needed exactly this for a new project.

  1. The project was tailored for visitors from the US, so I needed a sane hoster with servers in North America.
  2. In technical terms, the standard project : php + MySQL, therefore, there shouldn't be any problems at all.
  3. Adequate staff. With normal people always riyatno work.

First, I chose the tariff plans "Start".

  • Location: 500 Mb
  • Traffic: 10 GB
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Price: $ 7. 95 per month

I didn’t have much enthusiasm, given the support problems and quality of service that are common for most Russian-speaking hosts. But I didn’t have time to finish the registration (by the way, the guys use H-Sphere ), as I received a letter offering help and contact information of people I can turn to for this help. Trifle, in fact, but very many companies lose sight of this trifle. Although for clients it matters.

In general, I got access to my account, set up FTP, uploaded files, launched a site, I looked, it works, but somehow it’s crooked. I contacted the support, they immediately answered, picked up some scripts, delivered the necessary modules within 5-10 minutes and wished them successful work. As for me, a normal attitude.

After Cpanel, the panel is slightly unusual, but, in principle, quite comfortable, and there are more possibilities in it. In short, I've been driving an account for a week, from time to time I ask questions to the caliper. While pleased. If it goes further, I will think about more intensive cooperation.

If someone of the readers has experience with this hoster, please unsubscribe in the comments.

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