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If for some reason you cannot participate in the Google AdSense program (you are banned, the quality of the site is not a fountain, or it simply contradicts your worldview), you have a lot of options on how to monetize the site.

Affiliate programs by itself, I will not talk about them. (You can find their detailed list here.)

I will focus on banner and contextual advertising. The list of advertising providers is impressive. You should like it. If this does not seem enough, here are some more options for you.

By the way, I advise you to start searching for alternatives with Umaks and Kubik.

So, alphabetically (almost all work with webmasters from the CIS):

1. AdAgency1. Pays 70% of the profit through MoneyBookers, payment after two months. Site requirements:

  • the site must be in English;
  • the number of hits from 15,000 per month;
  • professional design and useful content;
  • second-level domain;
  • lack of adult content;
  • the site must not infringe on anyone's copyright.

2. AdBrite. The main direction - banner advertising. 75% webmaster, 25% system. Payment by check. The webmaster (i.e., you) may reject the advertisement if it deems it inappropriate.

3. AdsDAQ. Ads are rotated around the site depending on the subject, bid and CTR. Webmaster receives 50% of the profits. Payments are made within 15 days of the next month for the previous month.

4. Advertising. com. Affiliate is not limited to contextual advertising. There is also a CPA, payment for sales and co-reg (parallel registration). Payments in 15 days.

5. Affiliate Sensor. The service creates contextual ad units from products with ClickBank, for which it takes a percentage. To register you need an account in ClickBank. This service is not very suitable for us, but suddenly someone familiar in the burzhuneta is.

6. Bidvertiser. Payments are monthly by check or via PayPal. All announcements are checked by moderators before publication, but you can block those that you see fit. Ad units display the highest bids.

7. BurstMedia. High requirements for quality content. At least 5000 impressions per month. The site must be in English. Domain of the second level. No adult, porn and elements of violence. Availability Privacy Policy.

8. Casale Media. Second-level domain, mostly English-speaking audience, at least 10,000 unique visitors per month. Webmaster paid 70%. Payment in 30 days.

9. Clicksor. Pays 85% of profits twice a month by check or PayPal. Provides webmasters with a choice of text banners, graphic banners, popanders, search modules and an XML feed. (It works with the CIS countries or not, I don’t know, it’s not indicated on the registration page.)

10. Kontera. Contextual advertising. Payments checks to reach $ 100 in the account.

11. Marchex Adhere. Popups, popanders, sidebars, skyscrapers, banners, text links, buttons ... Payments once a month.

12. Miva AdRevenue. Ad units, text links, feeds. Payments are made within 30 days for the previous month.

13. Revenue Pilot (seems to have closed). Webmaster relies 60% with each click. Payments are made within 60 days. Payment by check. There is a referral program. Webmaster gets 10% from all his referrals.

14. SearchFeed (seems to close). Advertising is posted on the site in the form of a search box and feeds. Referral is paid at a rate of 7% for attracted advertisers and 5% for attracted webmasters. There are no special requirements for sites.

15. Tribal Fusion. Webmaster receives 55% of the profits. Payments are made within 45 days. One of the requirements - 2000 unique per day on the site.

16. ValueClick. Pay for impressions, clicks, leads. Payments every month.

17. VibrantMedia. Pop-up banners linked to text links. Pay for impressions.

What other options do you know?

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