Idram - review of the Armenian payment system

There are people who want to use national payment systems, but so far there are not so many of them.

Websum appeared not so long ago - the Uzbek payment system and in a number of other countries they began to open. The main advantage of such payments is keeping the balance in national currency.

The Armenian payment system adds a list of quality tools for managing virtual money.

It is quite popular, it is easy to exchange money with it into other payment systems and are displayed on cards. The number of users has already exceeded 120,000, every day it increases.

Idram - review of the Armenian payment system

Pros of Idram's payment

Of course, the service is not yet comparable in popularity to Webmoney or Payeer, but time goes and they spin. The company offers its customers a lot of different possibilities.

From the main one:

  • payment for services of providers and operators without a fee;
  • repayment of loans online;
  • payment goods in online stores;
  • repayment of traffic police fines;
  • payment of utilities;
  • transfer money to social networks;
  • international money transfers;
  • money transfers to cards and other bills;
  • many ways to replenish.

Since 2015, the site of the Idram payment system has been updated and made even more convenient. The interface began to work even faster, it is correctly displayed at any resolution and in mobile devices. The site has been translated into several languages, including Russian, and registration is done in a couple of simple steps.

How to use Idram?

To manage virtual money, no clients need to be downloaded. When you create an account, you need to specify a phone number, it immediately receives an SMS to confirm:

Idram - review of the Armenian payment system

Then everything is simple, choose a service or type of operation from your personal account, and then perform the necessary actions . All functionality is available on the site, the developers have taken care of high security. Idram supports collaboration with many different services.

The speed of processing transactions depends on their type, for example:

  • the top-up of the phone is instantaneous;
  • when you repay loans it takes up to 2 days;
  • payment in online stores instant.

Withdrawals are available on VISA and MasterCard type bank cards. Depositing is available in many different ways (including from other electronic payments).

Collaboration with Unistream allows you to process international transfers. Please note that you will need to complete a full verification in order to use all available tools:

Idram - review of the Armenian payment system

Idram to Webmoney, Yandex exchange. Money or even Bitcoin is easy to do. Due to the popularity of the payment system, almost all exchangers add it.

It makes no sense to present them, it is easier to talk about monitoring, where it is easy to find the best exchange rate and see where Idram can be transferred at all:

Idram - review of the Armenian payment system

Armenian users often experiencing problems with the withdrawal of funds. Also, do not know how to withdraw money in Armenia? Register an Idram wallet and transfer any other virtual money to it and then easily transfer it to the card of any bank. The easiest way to do this is through exchangers.

In conclusion, I would also like to advise you to get the status of "Premium" in this payment system.

You will not need to visit the office, use any card with a balance of 2 thousand drams, use the instructions on the website and easily identify yourself. Having received such status, your opportunities will expand and limits will increase.

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