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Identifying duplicate content on the site - Profit Hunter How nice that there is such a girl Anne Smarty. She really has a talent for finding useful services for webmasters and optimizers.

This time she took up duplicate content and services that help to find it on the site. I think many of you will be interested.

So, duplicate content .

Why is the topic of duplicate content so relevant today? Apart from the obvious (copy-paste of the same articles on different pages), there are two main reasons:

  • use of engines that create a bunch of URLs on the same page;
  • lack seo knowledge. For example, URLs www. yoursite com / page1 and www. yoursite com / Page1 search engines see as two different pages, although their content is completely identical with the only difference that in the second URL the word page is written with a capital letter. But not everyone knows this.

Prerequisites for the appearance of duplicate content:

  • the presence of two versions of the site: with www and without it;
  • presence on the site pages with the same titles and meta descriptions;
  • the existence of several versions of the main page (www.. site. com and www.. site. com / index. php);
  • problems with site navigation, leading to the appearance of several URLs on the same pages (www. site. com / page. php? id = 567 and www. site. com / category / page. php? id = 567).

Naturally, you need duplicate content, like a fifth wheel cart. And the point here is not only that the search bot can pick up and deliver to the issue not quite the page that you would like to see there (although this is also a very important point). In addition to this, duplicate content reduces the speed of scanning pages with Googlebot (even bots do not want to do extra work and scan duplicates) and slows down the process of getting into the index of young sites.

BUT! NOT ALL SO BAD! Buy a paid subscription to my sites HowtoKillYourSitein10Seconds. com and SurefireWaytoDestroyYourRankingsImmediately. com I will tell you how to fix everything 🙂

Okay, jokes aside. I think, having seen the name of Ann Smarty at the beginning of the post, you already understood that without useful tools there will not be. And there is.

1. Duplicate content tool. The service reveals the following points:

  • presence / absence of redirect from www. site. com on site. com;
  • problems with page caching;
  • having identical pages in output;
  • issuing 404th error to nonexistent pages;
  • squandering PR between ' www- 'and' no-www- 'variants of the site.

Identifying duplicate content on the site - Profit Hunter

2. Xenu (desktop application). The program scans the site and gives information on all urla that it finds. You just need to sort the results by title (Title column), find the same titles and correct them. (There is something wrong with the encoding in the program, Russian headings come in hieroglyphs. However, there is no surprise (c).)

Identifying duplicate content on the site - Profit Hunter

3. Google Webmaster Tools. The service helps to find identical tatiles and meta descriptions.

What other tools do you know useful for this purpose?

p. with. By the way, finding duplicates is only half the battle, they still need to be eliminated. And this article will help you here.

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