Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter

Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter
If you are working with Digg, this post will be of particular interest to you. The basis of the diagrams and graphs below are the results of the study, which was conducted during 3 months from 27. 10. 07 to 28. 01. 08. The data were obtained using the Digg API. The study covers about 770k news posted to Digg during this time.

Study author - Dave Nuffziger. The original article is here.

Time of the day and day of the week

Digg visitors peak in the middle of the week (Tuesday-Wednesday). These days newsmakers post the most news. However, the ratio of approved news (news that hit the main page) to the total number of news posted leads other days: Sunday and Monday .

Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter

In addition, the most successful time for submitting news on Sunday is the period from 11-00 to 19-00 Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8 ).

Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter


The most popular categories are not necessarily the categories you should look at when choosing topics for future news. The following graphs show the difference between the absolute and relative amount of approved news in the most popular categories.

Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter

Consider this data when submitting news to Digg.


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Ideal time to submit news to Digg - Profit Hunter

At the moment, there is no double issue, however, two absolutely identical google pages are on the top for this query. com and google. sn.

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