I want to write a book and publish it, what to do?

Creative people do not always find use for their talents. In our country there are a lot of really gifted people who are able to write books, but due to the fact that it is difficult to earn money on this, many do not even try to realize their potential.

If you visit this page, it means that you are ready to write your book and would like to publish it.

How to write and publish a book? All this is quite difficult, since not all books are accepted by publishers. In addition, many overestimate their capabilities. Nevertheless, everyone has a chance and they can use it. Well, that at hand is the Internet, which helps to facilitate the work.

I want to write a book and publish it, what to do?

Is the game worth the candle?

To write a good book, you have to spend a huge amount of time. Sometimes, it takes months of active work. The first thing is to decide what exactly you will write a book. If this is not a creative work, then it is better to track current trends and compare demand.

Think of it as a full-fledged business, because now many books are being published and competition is constantly growing.

Also remember that fame does not always come to authors immediately. A good example is the Harry Potter book. Initially, it was released in just 500 pieces and only after a few years it became popular.

What else you should think about is about publishing house . Now it is not necessary to create a printed version of the book, it can be sold on the Internet. Electronic books are also sold online and the very best are becoming popular.

I want to write a book and publish it, what to do?

I want to write a book and publish it, what to do?

I need to start by choosing a topic. There are two rules here - this is the use of your knowledge and general trends. Simply put, you need to find a topic so that it combines your knowledge and something that is in high demand.

After the idea is invented, start looking for related information in the set. Here you can use a deep search on the Internet to collect as much data as possible.

Record everything related to the chosen topic and discard water. No one will say that he liked the book, in which 50% are the arguments of the author.

In parallel with the collection of information, start creating the structure of the future book . Create sections, titles, chapters. Be sure to divide it into parts, because some readers will want to learn something specific.

As for volumes, there are no restrictions. A book can contain both 25 pages and 250 pages. On the Internet, e-books are often sold with a small number of pages, but publishers, on the contrary, often pay attention to books with volumetric content.

I want to write a book and publish it, what to do?

What publishers can I contact?

There are many publishers in our country that are ready to finance the printing of a book. The circulation will be negotiated separately, and you should understand that this company will receive some of the popularity and money.

However, publishing literature is quite difficult. All publishers have their own direction, so you need to choose it in accordance with the subject of the written book:

  • - applied, educational, art and business literature.
  • - scientific and professional literature.
  • - historical, medical, psychological and other literature. This is the best option for publishing fiction (prose, children's books, etc.).
  • - educational and practical manuals, lectures, problem books, textbooks.
  • - publish books on the subject of psychology, personal efficiency, business and economics.
  • is the best publisher for business books.
  • - they release prose and poetry regardless of the genre.

It’s not a fact that after contacting these companies, your books will be printed immediately. There are too many people willing to do this, therefore only the best works are selected. As the saying goes, trying not to torture, send applications, you do not lose anything.

To write the book yourself and publish it seems like an interesting idea, although it is worth thinking a few times before taking any action. Of course, your book can become a bestseller and bring huge profits, but for this you need to offer something new, interesting, high-quality and really valuable.

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