I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter

I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter A week or two ago, Ed Dale announced the start of the Warm-up to Marathon 2008 years, and I want to keep up with him hopelessly (in August the lessons will go on the day), publish translations of his videos. If you don’t know Comrade Ed Dale, and you don’t know what the autumn-spring-summer marathons are on my blog, I recommend reading the very first post on this blog.

Yes, and let's not forget about those who helped me promote to the masses my author's course on earnings on the Internet - the Spring Marathon. Today I want to say a big thank you to Homelessin to the author of the AdSense blog and not only DeepSEO. Ru.

As in the past year, during the Warm-up phase, Ed Dale will introduce you to the tools that will be used during the Marathon. The first such tool is the browser, which is quite logical, because if you do not have a browser (IE does not count), further gestures lose all meaning.

So, the main browser of 2008 will be the browser ... Flock . Yes, yes, no FireFox, namely Flock. Ed already introduced Flock to his readers, it seems, in 2006 (I did not participate in that Marathon). But last year Flock conceded to OgneLis in terms of functionality and was shifted (both browsers run on the same engine). In the same year, he made up for lost time and took the lead in some parameters.

You can download the Flock distribution from the official site. To do this, you just need to press the

I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter

button. The site will determine your operating system and will offer to download the appropriate distribution.

I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter

When the download is complete, install the browser (just like you install any other program) and turn it off. The browser will ask if you want Flock to be your default browser. If you want, click yes, if you do not want - no. Personally, I don’t want to, until I test 🙂

Find the browser tab New to Flock? and open it.

I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter

There is a video that briefly describes the charm of the browser. In fact, the main advantage of Flock over the same FireLis is that it is a pronounced social browser. It maximally simplifies and simplifies work with social networks. How he does it, you can see by flipping through the bookmarks on the same page:

I give start to the Marathon 2008! - Profit Hunter

While everything is in English. Date of occurrence of the Russified version of Flock 1. 2. 2 I do not know. In Russian, there is only a version of Flock 1. 2. 1. You can download it from here. I looked at the Russified version and decided to leave the English language - the menu there is almost the same as in FireFox, besides Flock does not work with Russian social networks yet, so, as for me, it is better to immerse myself in the English language environment and not suffer

The tool for most of you (as, by the way, for me) is new, so I think there will be enough material for today. Tomorrow there will be a post about settings and useful additions.

And also Domarev Alexey from the blog Amazing World asks what plans are there for the summer. Who is going to the sea, who is to the islands, but I have a main plan - to translate the Marathon 2008 🙂 ... * dreamily * but I would go to the mountains somewhere ...

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