I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

Skype program is a multifunctional utility through which you can not only communicate on the Internet, but also make calls to mobile phones or even send SMS.

Many people use paid services and you will also be able to evaluate them after you replenish your Skype account and connect them .

Most recently, I started using Skype to make calls while roaming, but found that I was not heard on Skype.

What to do in this case, I quickly found a lot of answers, and they helped me. Now I would like to share tips with anyone who may face the same problem.

I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

On Skype, the other party doesn’t hear me

The solution to this problem is extremely simple, but depending on what it is connected with, it may be different. First of all, you need to check whether you have correctly connected the recording device to the computer:

I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

By the way, it is for this reason that I am not heard in Skype because the slots are on the back panel of the system unit and I am mistaken when connecting them.

If you are sure that you have correctly inserted the plug, then proceed to the Skype setup:

  1. Start the program and go to the settings via the menu bar:
  2. I do not hear in Skype, what to do?
  3. Then go to the audio settings section and at the very top check which device is recording, as well as remove the check mark to allow automatic adjustment and drag the slider forward:
  4. I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

On your device, several devices can be connected, which are defined as recording, so you need to check each of them.

If a multifunctional device is used as a microphone (for example, a webcam with a built-in microphone), install the drivers, they are included on the disk bundled with the device.

The program settings did not help you and you are still not heard on Skype? Then you need to adjust the sound on the computer. To do this, click on the image of the column (around the time) with the right mouse button and go to the recording devices:

I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

A new window will open, and in the first place will be a connected microphone, make sure that there is no “Not connected” label under it and when you try to say something into the microphone, the side scale changes:

I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

By double pressing the microphone, you can go to its properties, and there is an additional setting for the recording volume level:

I do not hear in Skype, what to do?

As you can see, to do this, go to the "Levels" tab and drag the slider to 10 0. You can try to enhance the microphone, but this is unlikely to help.

This is how you can easily solve the problem “I can't be heard on Skype,” and if the instructions did not help you, then check whether the microphone works at all. On headphones, it often happens that it stops working, although the headphones themselves reproduce sounds well.

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