Hyper Cache plugin for caching WordPress pages

Many useful plug-ins have been developed for CMS WordPress, using which webmasters can make their sites even better. For example, you can speed up the work of your resource, and at the same time reduce the load on the server, and for this you just need to use a special plugin.

Every time you visit your site, an HTML page is generated for visitors, while database requests are sent, PHP files and style files. Using

, you will create for each page of the site a generated generated copy, and when you visit the site, the cached page will be presented to your visitors.

Hyper Cache plugin for caching WordPress pages

Simple plugin to speed WordPress

When you finish installing the plugin, in wp-config. php will need to be edited. It is necessary to enable caching, for this purpose after the line "define ('WPLANG', 'en_RU');" You must specify the following code:

Hyper Cache plugin for caching WordPress pages

Now you can activate the plugin and go to its settings. There are quite a few parameters, but there is no need to install each of them:

Hyper Cache plugin for caching WordPress pages

At the very top there is a button for quick cleaning of the cache. A bit below indicates the number of cached pages, as well as the time and date of automatic cleaning of the cache. The example shows the optimal value for the timeout of cached pages; if you use too small a value, the server will be constantly loaded.

In revocation mode, set the same value as in the image, and also disable the cache for commentators so that they can watch their comment immediately after adding it. On this tab, it's better not to change anything else.

In addition to saving pages for PC users, using the Hyper Cache plugin, you can configure saving generated copies for mobile devices. Separate copies are installed for different types of devices.

The page caching plugin on WordPress may not work correctly, so be sure to go to the site as an unregistered visitor and make sure everything works correctly. You can make sure that you are viewing a copy by going to the page code, where a line indicating the address of the saved copy will be present.

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