HWcash - a unique educational software for US traffic - Profit Hunter

HWcash - a unique educational software for US traffic - Profit Hunter


  1. What is the essence of HWcash
  2. What conditions does HWcash offer
  3. How to register

It is said that the webmaster who does not try fresh affiliate programs is bad. The article focuses on the educational niche, again, in the United States. Previously, we considered the financial affiliate Zeroparrallel, which also goes under the American traffic. Now let's talk about the recently opened PP HWcash, which was launched in December last year. Currently, only about 100 webmasters participate in it, so there is almost no competition.

In a crisis time, such options for traffic monetization, where payment is made for dollars, are more attractive. Especially, if we are talking about a very relevant, but not yet "hackneyed" topic. The fact is that HWcash is the only affiliate program in its niche.

What is the essence of HWcash

The system offers students of American universities the answers to questions, tests, exams. Since, as a rule, people study in the USA on credit, and the cost of education in higher education ranges from 4 to 45 thousand dollars per year, the deduction in this country is like a catastrophe. Students constantly use Google to search for information and are willing to pay for answers to avoid learning problems.

In addition, American students spend money on textbooks, compulsory medical insurance, accommodation, because they do not live with their parents. Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week in the learning process, and 40 - during the holidays. In general, students in the United States are solvent citizens who often save on food and shelter to leave money to study. Some parents financially help, and the more expensive the education, the more prosperous the student’s family.

Getting a scholarship and the opportunity to study for free in the USA is very difficult. If this can be done, the scholarship can be obtained for a year, after which it is necessary to request its renewal. If the student studies well, then the payments are extended. You can pay for their accommodation. Since we are talking about considerable sums, the sponsors also need high-quality answers to exams.

According to the creators of the PP, almost the entire turnover is made by students of the 3 largest universities - Phoenix, Ashford, DeVry. Target audience lives throughout the United States.

What conditions does HWcash offer?

  • Affiliate pays webmasters 50% from the first order and 20% from the re-bill (i.e. from repeated orders of the referral involved). Answers cost from 4 to 240 dollars. At the moment, the average check is 20 y. e., but it is planned to increase it. Since the affiliate program is still young, there have not yet been major sales. Webmasters did not have time to reach the TOP by direct requests. The most expensive products are full courses (entire course) and final exams (final exam).
  • Payments are made here on request, you can even withdraw every day. This is a great opportunity for instant reinvestment of funds. Accepted payment systems are PayPal and Webmoney, but at high speeds the creators of affiliate program promise to expand this list.
  • As for the promotional materials, the employees themselves draw and write texts, provide their own landing pages.
  • There is no detailed statistics on the subid yet, only general data, but there is a deeplink for different products.

How to register

As long as the affiliate program HWcash is closed, registration is possible through its owner. You can contact him at this forum.

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