How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Women rule the world, this has long been known to all. Even if the man is the head, the woman is the neck that guides her. This is how humanity works, and external data can and should be used.

Now we will analyze one of the areas of earnings on the Internet, which is available only to the beautiful half of humanity.

Earnings on boobs - the best ways will be presented on this page.

In general, many interesting ideas have been invented related to the +18 category. You can open a group or even a website dedicated to boobs, as practice shows, such sites are well monetized and attract a lot of traffic.

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Why exactly the boob theme?

Do you know which areas of the network are the most profitable? Those that attract the attention of users. In many groups of soc. networks, regardless of the subject appear posts with beautiful girls. Do you think this is done just like that? However, administrators know that such posts collect a lot of likes.

A beautiful female body often slips into advertisements, which is also explained by a cunning trick in marketing. It literally fascinates the viewer, and numerous studies have shown that not only men, but also women are influenced.

To make money on the Internet, it is important to learn to draw attention to yourself. Therefore, boobs can be used for different purposes. Also invented different ways to make money on the female breast.

The most interesting thing is to actually make a profit, not having a luxurious appearance, and indeed tits.

Earnings on the Internet - a message on the female breast

Beautiful girls in social networks often receive requests to make a signal. Write something on your chest or on a piece of paper and take a picture. Not everyone agrees, and the quality can be poor.

Therefore, the service appeared. On it, the signals are made by professional models for a certain fee:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

The cost of such a titram is 595 rubles. Within an hour, a photo is taken on the chest of one of the models. Why do we talk about this service? The fact is that he has an affiliate program.

Register, attract customers and get 10% of orders. Registration of partners is simple:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

In the same way, models (men and women) can be registered in the system. There, the procedure is somewhat more complicated; you will need to send an example of your titer. Let's return to favorable cooperation.

After registering on the site, you enter the office and get a special link there:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Those who click on your link will receive a 10% discount, this can motivate new ones customers. The same coupon code is presented on the same page, which you can also give to your friends to get inspiration:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

The main difference of the Tittygram partner program is that the partner chooses which one provide a discount to customers and how to receive a commission. In the settings you can set a 20% commission for yourself from orders:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Banners are provided for effective work, the statistics only show the number of conversions and purchases. To withdraw money, you need to collect 500 rubles, i.e. invite at least 5 buyers.

How to attract a lot of clients to Tittygram?

Directly from your personal account you can send promotional records to Twitter or by mail. Copy the link and add to the wall in other social networks.

Tigram is fashionable, and who, if not social users. networks chasing trends. This is an original gift, a perfect avatar, but just a beautiful picture.

Video signals were added to Titigrams, they cost 2245 rubles each. Sell ​​them, earn even more commission.

There are lots of interesting ideas that can be used to drive traffic to the Tittygram. For example, register women’s forms on sites and put links in profiles. Social networks on the Internet is full, for example, Fotostrana. There it is easy to create new pages:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Obviously, these should be attractive female accounts. In addition to placing links on the page, you can use them to send spam. Target audience - men from 18 to 40 years, with interests - cars, erotica, dating. The easiest way to find the right contingent is through communities:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

In suitable groups, you can use the list of participants, just send spam, actively write comments, and even add your own posts. In general, it is necessary to attract maximum attention to your page.

Depending on which site you will use, decide for yourself whether to leave links in the comments or hope that they will be transferred from your profile:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Most importantly, do not load one page. Create at least 10-15 accounts and leave 20 comments from them.Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki for the same type of comments, and yes even with links quickly freeze, so look for other projects.

Professionals drop deeper, they create selling pages and send traffic to them, and not to the Tittygram service. Manually process applications and send them to models. This way is promising , because you can gradually find models for yourself and launch a similar service, receiving much more money.

Tits and earnings on the signals

We have already told you what signals are and how to make money on them. A man and a woman will be able to become a partner of the service with titrams, but it’s better to work for yourself, only for the fair sex. Male signals are simply not in great demand.

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

The essence of earnings does not differ from the work of Tittygram. Except that you will prepare the pictures yourself. This is done through specially prepared accounts (do not sell the same intimate photos from a real page).

It is enough to type in Signals search to find such profiles:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

Competition is high, but it is easier for users to contact the model directly and pay 5 times less than making an application on the site. To beat the competition, create high-quality photos. Signals from private models are very different from what Titigames offers:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

If you take really beautiful and high-quality photos, you’ll definitely get into the lead. For this case, it is also worth creating several accounts and adding a portfolio to them. Only the best shots should fall into it:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

For one such picture usually take 50-100 rubles. Not as big a fee as we would like, but with time it will be possible to raise prices if there are many customers. The most interesting thing is that guys can do this using Photoshop and other graphic editors.

The network is full of source material, learn how to draw inscriptions on tits and sell them as full-fledged photos.

Serious earning on tits and not only

Exposing your body can earn much more if you step a little in the other direction. Everyone has seen or heard about video chats, where girls show boobs and other parts of their bodies. They do it not just like that, but for money. For this you need to register on special sites.

Most people are afraid to mess with it because they need to show their face. In broadcasts, you can sit, showing only the body. Also in the settings you can choose which countries or cities to block.

None of your real acquaintances will recognize you, only your washed up alias is displayed to him:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

What the girls show in their shows themselves decide. Someone just flashes tits, and someone goes to a more explicit broadcast. It is necessary to somehow interest the audience and make them send money.

We have repeatedly told about this type of earnings and posted many useful articles for beginner models. No investment is required here, you go through the registration, enter the chat and start receiving gifts from the audience or money for transitions in private (one to one).

Working as a webcam model brings some girls pleasure.

How much can you earn with boobs?

You can't say for sure how much you can earn with boobs. First, it all depends on the method chosen. Secondly, specifically from your actions.

Some collect a decent amount of the affiliate program, someone earns a profit from the sale of their signals, but all this can not be compared with the earnings of models in the chat.

By the way, men (couples) can also become models, boobs are not required for this. However, women's broadcasts collect more attention, respectively, and bring more profits. So that you understand what amounts we are talking about, let us show the statistics of the most successful models of this month:

How you can earn on boobs, TOP best ways

For an amount of $ 10,000, you can also show boobs in a chat, because many people in our country they take loans and mortgages in order to pay 600,000 rubles for several years. This is not the limit, there are examples of how models received $ 20,000 each for 30 days.

But this is rather an exception, to achieve such a result is difficult, it is necessary to invent something interesting and unusual. Speaking of looks, Top models are not always pretty beauties with perfect parameters.

It’s not only possible, but necessary, to use external data, and even more so tits for making money. Play on other people's weaknesses, discard doubts and constraint. Try to make money on signals first, there is no need to show a face.

Just do not lose the desire to continue working because it will be difficult to find clients. It’s really not easy to spin in this niche.

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