How VKontakte send video to a friend, message?

What is the most common communication tool on the Internet? Someone will say Skype or ICQ, but the leaders in this direction are social networks.

Millions of messages are sent daily via Vkontakte, and they can contain not only textual information.

It is not surprising that the questions “How do VKontakte send a video to a friend?” Periodically appear on the forums. Sometimes you need to share a video with a friend, but some do not know how to do it and therefore write messages and add links to it. You do not need to do this, as the video can be attached to your message.

How to send a Vkontakte video?

To send a Vkontakte video, you can use one of the methods described below:

1. Adding video from your videos.
When creating a new message, under the form for entering text there is a button "Attach" . If you click on it, a list of available formats opens, where there is a video:

How VKontakte send video to a friend, message?

After that, a window with your videos opens, from where you can choose any video, and it will be added to the letter.

2. Transfer videos without adding to your videos.
If there is no video on your page and you do not want to add it, then you will need to open it and copy the link from the address bar:

How VKontakte send video to a friend, message?

After that open the dialog with any friend and insert a link instead of text. After a couple of seconds, the video will appear:

How VKontakte send video to a friend, message?

The link can be deleted, and the video will remain added to the message. Unfortunately, you can add only videos uploaded by Vkontakte.

Using any of these methods, you can add videos to the walls of friends and other users or even communities.

It is not difficult to share an interesting video with your Vkontakte friends, and now you know two ways to send a video in personal messages. If you decide to distribute advertising video in this way, then just as with text messages you may be complained and the page will freeze.

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