How to zoom a page?

Modern browsers have many different functions, so even if you have poor eyesight or if you came to the site with too small a font, this is not a problem.

It is enough to press special keys or go to the browser settings to zoom in or out on the page as much as possible.

How to increase the site page? In all browsers there is a zoom function and in this article we will clearly show where it is located.

When you get to a page with small text, do not "break" your vision, just zoom in. The quality is not lost, as the font increases, and the picture does not expand.

How to zoom a page?

Increasing the size of site pages

Before using visual instructions, try using hotkeys in your browsers. In almost all platforms, you can hold down Ctrl and press + so that the page will grow.

Also, instead of a plus, with Ctrl pressed, you can turn the mouse wheel. If these methods do not suit you, increase the scale of the pages through the menu:

  1. Google Chrome . In the most popular browser, hotkeys work, and if you open the main menu, you will immediately see the percentage of scale. Click the plus and minus buttons to adjust:
  2. Mozilla FireFox . In the main menu of this browser there is also a zoom feature. It practically does not differ from the previous platform:
  3. Opera . In older versions of the browser, you had to select View and then click on the percentage. In modern versions, just click on the logo, open the menu and adjust the scale:
  4. Internet Explorer . As one would expect, in the slowest (among those presented) browser, the scale adjustment is slightly less convenient. To do this, you need to open two menus at once and select a percentage:

After you zoom in on the page, you can return everything to the previous places through the menu or use the Ctrl-key combination (decrease) or Ctrl 0 (100% scaling).

Do not forget to download updates for your programs in a timely manner, why did we update the browser before, one of the important points is security.

High-quality browser platforms have broad functionality, and such a trifle as the increase in scale was integrated many years ago.

In conclusion, I would only advise you to install a notepad for the browser, this often comes in handy to take notes and save important texts.

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