How to write a script for selling videos, 15 tips pro.

It is not so easy to provide effective sales on the Internet and this is understood by experienced entrepreneurs.

To attract the attention of customers, and even get them to buy something, you have to create a bunch of different information . The main content that helps increase sales is selling videos and texts.

Selling videos: it’s hard to make a script with your own hands, if you have never done it.

Professionals punch rollers in large batches and sometimes do not even change the basic idea, changing only the content. By creating a script selling video once, you can also use it in the future.

How to write a script for selling videos, 15 tips pro.

How to write a selling script, 15 tips

For drawing video or any other movie format, the plan is made in the same way. Scripts are compiled in a simple format , but you are not shooting a full-fledged film, so use the free form. Think over every little thing, and most importantly - write the selling text.

In order for the script to turn out to be of high quality and you don’t forget about important points, listen to the advice of experienced marketers:

  • clear goal. Decide what exactly you expect from the audience;
  • consider your idea from the viewer, what thoughts the video will trigger and what you yourself would like to see in such videos;
  • the best approach to the target audience, This is help in solving the problem. Determine what difficulties your potential customers face;
  • selling videos should not last more than 2 minutes. Consider that in a minute the announcer says about 150 words;
  • the basis of the selling video is text. If you are not able to compose it qualitatively, order from professionals from the stock exchange;
  • each word is worth its weight in gold, so you need to correctly select them and remove all unnecessary. Achieve maximum meaningfulness;
  • already in the first seconds it is necessary to interest the target audience, otherwise no one will watch the video to the end;
  • so that potential clients understand what is being said, try to explain everything in an “understandable” for them language;
  • invent your unique selling proposition. It should differ from competitors and interest people;
  • add visual effects, insert high-quality images. This should also be reflected in the script;
  • collect basic objections like "Yes, it's all not true" and try to explain them;
  • in any selling material the call to action is used, and the purpose is stated in the first tip;
  • do not dwell on facts and figures, the movie should still be interesting, so the data should be diluted;
  • as an option, use a storytelling (customer histories);
  • if in the selling video you can see the announcer in the frame, describe his actions, speech and other moments.

Script writers do a variety of work. In order for the commercial to be as effective as possible, its plot must be fully thought out and be sure to prepare for this, at least by creating a selling text.

How to write a script for selling videos, 15 tips pro.

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The idea for this article appeared when the search began for information on how to write a selling script for a cartoon video. Surprisingly, it is not so difficult to do, it is enough to show imagination and rely on the advice of experienced advertisers.

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