How to work with Minergate? | Workion. ru

Mining cryptocurrency is one of the interesting ways to earn money, which beginners are often interested in.

Many different pools were created, some closed, only the WMzona pool works stably, but the profitability is not there so high. It is good that there are new services, with more thoughtful programs.

Earnings on mining with already brings profit to a huge number of users. Clients of this service note excellent profitability and publish positive reviews online, accompanying them with screenshots of payments. The system is of high quality, and even a beginner will be able to start earning in it.

How to work with Minergate? | Workion. ru

It is good that this site has Russian-language localization, although not all elements are translated in it. Knowledge of a foreign language and not useful, because the site is only needed to download the program (miner). To make it even easier for beginners, here’s the instruction of actions:

  1. Go to Minergate and register.
  2. Download the program for your OS.
  3. Install the miner on the computer.
  4. Authorize in the program.
  5. Choose the number of processor cores.

The most interesting thing is that using this mining you can earn different cryptocurrency . The choice is wide, but it is better to use those currencies that you already know about, because then it can be impossible to find an exchanger:

How to work with Minergate? | Workion. ru

You can show interest in any cryptocurrency, because even experts do not know surely the course of which of them can increase dramatically.

With Minergate you can save various currencies, and with the help of a special calculator, you can calculate how much you will receive one or another cryptocurrency:

How to work with Minergate? | Workion. ru

Power depends on your computer, so the owners of modern PCs will get more.

When testing the program, I mined the BCN currency, the average speed was about 200 KH / s. For three days, accumulated 3000 BCN (about 15 rubles). Perhaps you will have higher power and you will receive another currency, this is just an example.

After installing the program, you will be able to observe how much power your system provides. In general, it is worth noting the quality of the software, this is one of the best miners that I came across:

How to work with Minergate? | Workion. ru

The green lines in the statistics are the mined cryptocurrency. Run the program and wait until the speed indicator becomes stable, after which you can estimate the profitability. As for the withdrawal, on the main page of your profile, you will find the "Withdraw" button opposite each type of currency.

Minergate can be installed on multiple computers to increase profitability.

Teach your computer to work by installing an easy-to-use miner. It takes a few minutes and in an hour you can see the statistics in order to estimate the possible profit.

Also, to increase income, use an affiliate program, the administration pays 75% of its income .

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