How to withdraw money from Adsense in Ukraine?

Monetization of websites through Google Adsense is used by webmasters all over the world, which should not be surprising, because this is one of the most profitable ways of earning money.

Even young resources with low attendance are accepted into the system, and the only drawback for beginners can only be the process of withdrawing funds.

We have already told you how to withdraw from Adsense to an e-wallet, this is not a complicated procedure, but you will have to open an additional account on Rapid. But some users are inconvenient to withdraw money to a virtual account and they want to receive money on the card. Therefore, we decided to tell you how to withdraw money from Adsense in Ukraine.

How to withdraw money from Adsense in Ukraine?

How to get money earned on Adsense?

I would like to say right away that this option takes a very long time, since you have to wait for the delivery of the check, send it to the bank, and then wait for the receipt of funds on the card. Also, you will be charged interest (depending on the amount), but the money is immediately displayed on the card, which is a big plus.

To transfer money from an advertising service to PrivatBank cards, you will need to do the following:

  1. In your Adsense profile, order a check to be sent to your address.
  2. When the check arrives, you will need to leave your signature on the back.
  3. Scan the check on both sides so that all data is readable (you need a color copy).
  4. Send scans to PrivatBank, for this you need to be a cardholder and register on the official website. In the Services section, find Google Checks and send scan scans via the Internet.
  5. As soon as the money reaches your card, you need to send the original check to PrivatBank by registered letter. When sending copies, you will be given all the data to send a letter.

As you can see, the Bank first sends you the money and then cashes the check itself. In general, the procedure is not complicated, but before you start spending your money, make sure that everything is in order with the check.

How to withdraw money from Adsense in Ukraine?

There were many cases when users received money, and after that various problems with checks appeared, and I had to return money to PrivatBank.

Withdrawing to an e-wallet is much easier and more convenient , here you will not experience any difficulties and, in the event of difficulties, no one will ask you for money back. Yes, and setting up automatic transfers to any payment system once, it will be possible to withdraw funds in a few clicks.

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