How to wind voices to win the competition?

Now on the Internet at various sites competitions are held, winning them, you can become the owner of a significant cash prize or some solid thing.

The user of the resource on which the draw is held can take part in it along with other users of the project. Everyone understands that all participants are trying to win prizes, but not everyone can achieve this.

Everyone knows that the competition can be won in an honest way, and not so much, it is all, as in life. Everyone understands that everyone wants to win honestly, but what to do when there are several hours left until the end of the vote, and there are only a hundred votes to win.

You can hope for a miracle, but still it is better to rely on your strength. It is possible to wind all the missing voices and make it so that no one will understand that they are twisted.

Further in the article methods of cheating votes in the competition will be discussed.

Many people who more than once took part in online contests observed this pattern: two participants go forward with about the same number of votes and the gap in their voices is not large, but when it comes to the end there is no more than 2 hours left in the contest, one of the participants has the number of votes for 100 more, and this is no accident. This does not mean that he asked his friends and acquaintances to vote for him, it is a vote wrapping to win the contest.

How to wind voices to win the competition?

How to wind the voices in the sweepstakes?

To make it clear that the votes were wrapped up and the participant was not accused of the fraud, do everything so that no one noticed. How is the vote wrapping? To do this, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. You need to think in advance about how the cheating will occur and the amount you plan to spend on it. It is required to come up with a strategy, how many votes need to be screwed up in an hour, a day.
  2. It is also necessary to find a site on which the task of vote wrapping will be given. Projects will be discussed below.
  3. Links to pages with contests should be shortened, in the task it is necessary to indicate that the link should be copied and put in a separate browser window.
  4. You also need to specify in the task that you need to clean the cache and cookies.

Different types of polls

We should not forget that there are different votes:

  1. In one click
  2. Sometimes you need to enter a captcha
  3. All votes are counted only from the unique addresses of users
  4. It also happens that you need to log in using social networks or register with them.

If you follow these rules, you can wind up votes in contests without any problems and at the same time nothing will be noticeable.

On which services you can wind up votes for the competition

With theory completed, you can now move on to practice. Cheat is carried out on special services, which will be discussed below. It is best to use active advertising projects or mailers. With their help, you can wind the voices for any purpose with the lowest financial costs. For example, you can wind up voices on a Wmmail mailer or use any other mailer.

How to wind voices to win the competition?

How to wind voices on Wmmail:

  1. First you need to register with Wmmail
  2. Then you need to replenish the internal account of the mailer for the amount you plan to spend on the tasks
  3. To do this, go to your account and select the "Enter money" item, then you will need to specify the required amount and click "Next" , then it is necessary to pay the requested amount by any convenient method
  4. When the required amount is credited to the account, we must not forget that there is a commission of 30%

on the project Important: price per task Parts Required to set depending on the complexity, that is, if a job is easy and is done in one click, it is enough to put a price of 0.01 dollars. And if the task is more complex, for example, you need to register or log in, then the cost must be specified at least $ 0.03. If the prices are set too low, then no one will take the job to work.

When the internal account in Wmmail is credited, you must proceed to the creation of the order. To do this, go to the "Advertiser" part, then go to the "Paid jobs" subsection and click on the "Create a new task" hyperlink. Next, the user will open a window in which you need to specify the name of the order and the conditions for its execution.

How to wind voices to win the competition?

When you create a task, you must follow these rules:

  1. You need to create such a task so that the performers want to take it to work
  2. The task must consist of items that alternately describe the actions to be performed. It is here that you must specify the link that you need to go to when completing the task.It would be better if the link was shortened by special services and indicate that the contractor copied and pasted this link in another browser window
  3. Do not forget to specify what the executor should send in the reporting
  4. In the window being filled "URL" you must specify a link to a third-party website that is not related to the wound drawing. For example, you can specify Yandex
  5. In the "Task type" column, you must specify "Voting"
  6. If you have a goal to spin more votes, then the time interval must be specified "instantly" or another time interval
  7. Next, the column "Re-run the task before the check" must be filled with the item "Allow". This must be done so that the performer can perform the task again, even if it has not been checked yet.
  8. If the same performer will repeat the tasks, then you must specify that the cookies and cache
  9. Tasks need to be checked manually, this should be written in the "Check Mechanism"
  10. Then you should click the "Next" button and go to the settings of the task
  11. There are many settings, you need to do them as more convenient. When everything is ready, you need to click on the Save button.

After completing the steps, click on the hyperlink “Return to the list of tasks” and replenish the order account for the required number of executions and after this you need to start the task itself. After the present, it is necessary to wait for the votes to start charging for the competition and do not forget to check the performance on the mailer and pay for the work of the performers.

When the task on the mailer is created, the user will see the voices in the draw begin to increase, because on WMmail there are a lot of performers willing to take on such tasks, more than 460,000 people . It is very convenient to use the postal service, because there will always be performers on them who, for a small payment, will vote for the performer in the competition. Now the user knows how to wind the voices on the draw, now the knowledge gained must be applied in practice.

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