How to wind the group Vkontakte without a ban?

There are a lot of systems through which participants are promoted to groups of social networks, but lately they have been blocked more often for cheating communities.

Even if you follow all the precautions, cheat real people (through mailers), use redirects, then everything equally problems may arise.

How to wind Vkontakte group without a ban? This question is asked by many users, and there is one good way. To use it without financial investments will not work, and it will take a lot of time to perform the necessary actions. But if it is more convenient for you to pay once and then constantly use wrap, then this is your chance.

How to wind the group Vkontakte without a ban?

Secure promotion of Vkontakte group

The scheme is not complicated, in order to recruit many participants in groups, you will need to create a database of accounts, to do their promotion, and after that, send out invitations to join the community en masse.

Creating a base of accounts will entail certain expenses, and the promotion of profiles will take a lot of time. It does not make sense to use cheating to attract friends, since then, inviting such users to groups will not give good results.

1. Creating a database of accounts.
The best option is to purchase profiles, since self-registration will require the purchase of a large number of SIM cards. Of course, if you have such an opportunity, then it is better to use it, since accounts can freeze, and having access to the associated number, they are easy to restore.

You can buy as many profiles as you like at Buyaccs, but the prices are quite high, since for 100 accounts you will have to pay at least $ 34.

To find cheaper options, use the forums, moneymakers on the Internet, often offer various databases of profiles that are already tied to phone numbers. Please note, brute does not suit you (stolen pages of real people), you need clean profiles.

2. Adding friends.
The next step is the promotion of accounts, which will take a lot of time. Manually sending requests to friends is impossible if you have a lot of profiles. Therefore, download the appropriate software. Copes with such a task and.

In terms of convenience and security, Vkbot is better, but you cannot use all profiles in bulk there, you will have to switch to each of them and start adding friends.

Be sure to connect anti-captcha (available in both profiles), and also do not forget to filter the audience.

For example, in VkBot you can set different parameters:

How to wind the group Vkontakte without a ban?

Be sure to specify all the necessary parameters for your group. If you open a regional group, then specify the city. We also recommend using the function "Now on the site", because some users have not logged into their accounts for weeks.

TIP: It is better to use female profiles and upload photos, they are more loyal and more often added to friends.

So, every day you can add up to 50 friends, and as practice shows, the minimum percentage of approval of applications is about 30%. How much time you need to invite a large number of users is difficult to call.

3. Promotion group.
Once there are 1000 friends on the accounts, you can start sending out invitations. Again, use the necessary software, manually it will take too much time. If the community is interesting for friends, it should be so, because you invited the target audience, slowly people will start joining it.

In addition to invitations that can be sent to 40 pieces every 8 hours, use the repost. Periodically post entries from the group on the wall of each profile; this will attract new members. A couple of entries a day is enough.

During the promotion of a group, it will be necessary to actively fill it with information so that everyone who entered will not lose the desire to remain a member of the community. It would not be superfluous to start a minor cheat of activity, through mailers, but in small volumes.

It is best to use Wmmail, and order not the entry into the group, but the writing of comments and the installation of reposts. This can engage in dialogue under posts, and likes and repost will attract the attention of real participants.

After investing some effort and money, you will get a ready-made base of profiles , which you can continue to expand and develop. You can unwind as many groups as you like, so you can offer your services in high-quality and inexpensive cheat, now this is true and there are quite a few people who want to.

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