How to win in roulette? Roulette Strategy

Since the launch of the first roulette at the casino, players are trying to find ways to calculate the probability of an outcome and make a profit from their bets.

You can really earn money on gambling, this has already been proven, but you need to treat it as work and keep cool, because defeats are inevitable.

How to win at roulette? Initially, you need to find a quality service in which you can play. Unfortunately, not all online casinos are fair enough, and therefore the strategies for playing roulette will simply not work.

In this article we will present the best tactics for roulette, as well as tell you about two honest projects on which you can apply them.

How to win in roulette? Roulette Strategy

  1. Martingale. Let's start with the most popular technology that is used in many areas. Its essence lies in overlapping losses with double bets in order to extract profits in the amount of the initial bet.

    For example, you set a starting rate of $ 2. 5 and choose a specific outcome (red or black). If the bet loses, increase it by 2 times and bet 5 dollars. Each time you lose, you need to multiply by 2 bets, i.e. the next ones will be 10-20-40, etc.

    If you win, go back to the initial bet and choose a different outcome (for example, if you bet On the red window, then go to black). When using this strategy, it is very important to think in advance about the amount of the total deposit. At a minimum, you should have enough money for 30 bets, because you can lose many times, and if you do not increase the bet, there will be no profit.

  2. Biarritz. This “wooden” strategy can also become profitable, but you can also lose it very quickly. The bottom line is to choose your favorite number and only bet on it. If you win, you will receive a multiplied bet at 36, which will ensure you replenishment of funds for many more games.

    For example, you bet $ 1 on $ 35 red. The bet did not play, so you continue to repeat your bet. Sooner or later, the necessary figure should fall out and in this case you will take your winnings. Here it is important to use a large deposit, because even 36 identical rates may be ineffective.

    To cut expenses, simply increase your bet 2 times and move to the second round. Then you can go to the third round, but it is very expensive. I hope you understand that if you win you can get decent money.

  3. AMS. An unusual and interesting strategy that is used by many professionals. To use it, you will need to follow the sequence - 1-1-2-2-4. Here you will also need to take an amount that is enough for at least 25-30 rates (you can simply split your deposit).

    When you lose or win, you move one step at a time. For example, for unit you took one dollar. You bet, if you win, then go to the next step of the scheme, that is, bet another dollar. Do you win again? Go to the number 2 and so on according to the established combination 1-1-2-2-4. When you lose, just go back a step.

    If after the last step (4 units) you win again, return to the initial bet. Some players use this strategy in the opposite direction. That is, they go forward when losing, and when they win, they return one step. Try this strategy in various ways, but use free modes.

  4. Oscar Grind. Another not difficult tactic that can be used even with a small bankroll. It is not difficult to explain it at all; the main rules are doubling the bet when winning and duplicating when losing.

    For example, you bet $ 1 on red windows, and your bet has played, which means that you need to bet $ 2. Lost? Then again we put a dollar. Suppose you lost when you reached $ 8. In this case, the bet must be repeated and done so until you achieve victory.

How to win in roulette? Roulette Strategy

There are other strategies, for example, Fibonacci, but it is not profitable enough, or Laboucher, which is very complicated. Choose a strategy not only by advice, try to apply them in virtual currency demo games.

It is possible to beat roulette, but using strategies is only an aid for you, since you need to be an attentive and experienced player in order to make good money on gambling.

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