How to Vkontakte change the name and surname?

The audience of users on Vkontakte is so large that the network constantly discusses the functionality of this site and asks thousands of questions regarding changes to the pages.

For example, some users want to change the basic data - first name and last name, but this will not work right away , you need to apply.

How to change the name of Vkontakte? At any time you can change the name and surname in the social network.

The developers note that you need to use real data, but not all applications are considered by real people, so you can try to specify the invented name or surname.

How to Vkontakte change the name and surname?

The settings for this profile data are in the section " Edit page ". You can enter it by clicking on the link under the avatar or by clicking the "ed." Link that is next to the menu item "My Page":

How to Vkontakte change the name and surname?

On the tab with the main parameters there are two fields with the name and surname. Here you can enter any data and, scrolling the page, click "Save." After this, an alert will appear:

How to Vkontakte change the name and surname?

In this block there is an answer to another popular question "How to change the name of Vkontakte to English." You can try to write the Russian name in English letters, but such an application is likely to be rejected. Latin letters in the name are available only to foreigners.

The special algorithm does not consider every application for a name change, so you can specify any data and send an application. Vkontakte has a lot of pages with unreal data, you may also be able to do it.

How to make a Vkontakte nickname?

In addition to the name, many Nicknames were added to the title of the page. Now this feature is not available and the developers have completely abandoned it. Previously, the nickname was registered next to the fields First Name and Last Name:

How to Vkontakte change the name and surname?

If you need to put a word, then add it to the first or last name. Do not forget that if you are creating a page for a business and are planning to recruit a lot of friends, it’s better to use natural names, and not “Andrey Carwash” or “ Alina Growth ”.

Now you know how to change Vkontakte name. And to all fans of this project, we remind you that you can consistently make money on your accounts using services such as, and. You can also sell advertising links on your wall, through the system ( if you have more than 100 friends).

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