How to verify the page and Vkontakte group?

The social network Vkontakte has a wide functionality, but some users do not even know about its existence.

When it became possible to verify groups and profiles in this system, many wanted to use this and confirm that they were The page is official.

How to verify the Vkontakte page? I would just like to say that only popular people or owners of famous brands can do it.

By what criteria the popularity is determined, we will explain in this article, and also explain what it takes to make the page official.

How to verify the page and Vkontakte group?

Vkontakte verification

All pages whose owner is confirmed receive high positions in the search and are also accompanied by a check mark next to the title:

How to verify the page and Vkontakte group?

The verification procedure involves confirming the owner of the group or profile, and the only difference in appearance is the checkmark shown in the screenshot.

How to verify Vkontakte profile?

In order for you to be able to confirm your account in the social network, you need to consider the following requirements:

  • for many websites on the Internet should tell about you;
  • there must be an article on Wikipedia about you;
  • there should be high quoting in the media;
  • there should not be any spam on the page;
  • friends should be less than followers;
  • the profile should be full (with photos);
  • the account should be actively used.

Do not think that your person is popular enough, but to be sure of this, look at the official pages of people who passed the verification:

How to verify the page and Vkontakte group?

If you If you think that you are also quite popular, then go to Vkontakte technical support ( and write that you want to pass profile verification.

How to verify the Vkontakte group?

The community can also be made official through technical support. Before you send a request, make sure that the group is worthy to pass such a test. The following requirements are set here:

  • there should be a lot of references in the media;
  • references should be on other sites;
  • at least 10 different company communities should be created , each of which has at least 5000 participants;
  • the group must be correctly accompanied and filled with unique content;
  • spam, insults and profanity should not be;
  • thorough filtering of comments (or disabling them);
  • the brand name and the community name must match;
  • you can monetize the verified group about only through the official exchange advertising Vkontakte
  • on the website have to be mention of Vkontakte (the widget to add).

If you are not popular enough, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to make the group official. Now verified groups have such popular brands as Megaphone, Nestle, Kinder, Nescafe, Avon and others.

Of course, verification of the Vkontakte page is a positive factor in the development of the site and branding, but it is not so easy to get confirmation.

As practice shows, in most cases, verification requests are rejected . For unknown reasons, hundreds of thousands of people believe that they definitely need to make the page official.

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