How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?

Previously, Skype was used to record interviews, videos and online broadcasts.

This was a real breakthrough, people had a new opportunity, but as time goes on and technologies are improving. Not many people know that it is possible to also make general broadcasts with several participants at once via YouTube.

Live broadcast on YouTube with much more convenient and easier than group dialogs in Skype.

One of the main advantages is automatic sound equalization. Each participant broadcast their own microphone settings, but Google will make sure that their voice was the same volume.

How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?

With this useful tool you don’t even have to use screen capture software to record interviews.

Through the Hangouts, the dialog is created in a few seconds, and you can invite as many people as you like. The clips are automatically recorded and placed on the channel.

So that the viewers could not immediately see them, it’s enough to tick the settings. In general, this is a really convenient tool for the video blogger, we will tell you more about how to use it:

  1. Go to the creative studio of your channel, open the "Live Broadcasts" menu and then click "All broadcast. " A page will open where you must specify its name. You can add descriptions, tags, specify the end time and use advanced settings:
  2. How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?
  3. On the same page, you can select access to the broadcast and recorded clips. Open access allows everyone to connect to the broadcast and then watch her recording. Set access to the link or even limit it, decide for yourself. Under this field you need to set the type of broadcast "Fast." Everything is ready, press the button to start the live broadcast:
  4. How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?
  5. A new window will open where you can turn on the camera, microphone, track the number of viewers and make other settings. Under the image there is a green button to start the broadcast, click on it to start the broadcast:
  6. How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?
  7. In the upper part of the toolbar there is a user icon with a plus. On it people are invited to broadcast. Get a special link and send it to other people by any means or simply add their email boxes:
  8. How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?
  9. Communicate, broadcast, conduct interviews. Additionally, you do not need to do anything when you finish the broadcast, go to the video on your channel, you will see a broadcast recording there:
  10. How to use in Google's Google Hangouts channel?

No Hangouts download required, the program works online and really helps channel owners to solve several problems at once.

Try to start a live broadcast in limited access, check the available functions yourself, test each instrument and see how convenient everything is here.

No one needs to understand Hangouts, what kind of program it is, just start the broadcast via the channel and enjoy the functionality provided.

Well, if you constantly launch broadcasts, start using it, this social network is created specifically for those who like to collect viewers on the air.

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