How to unlock PC with virus, eliminate viruses

Even by limiting himself to visits of poor quality resources, every Internet user is at risk of getting his system infected with a virus. Scammers, spreading viruses, have long learned to block the system, and demand money for unlocking .

How to unlock a PC with a virus? There are quite a lot of tools to combat malware and scripts, and in order to eliminate blocking your computer, you will need to use each of them.

To solve the problem of blocking a computer with a virus, you can use antivirus systems. If only a part of the system is blocked and you have access to the anti-virus program, proceed to updating the databases and scanning your PC. This is the easiest way to get rid of the virus, but, unfortunately, fraudsters in most cases block this possibility.

How to unlock PC with virus, eliminate viruses

PC lock issue

In case the system is completely locked, you can use drastic measures. Remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it to another computer, then proceed to check for viruses.

It is very important to use a system on which an anti-virus with updated databases is already installed, otherwise you can endanger the second computer.

Some viruses can only be detected at system startup, so connecting the media to another computer can be an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the virus. But in this situation there is a way out.

For this, you will again need a computer with Internet access, as well as a disk or flash drive. Thanks to removable media, you can start an infected computer from them and thus start the scanning process and eliminate viruses. To make such a disk or USB flash drive, download special programs on the Internet, as well as follow the instructions for their use.

How to unlock PC with virus, eliminate viruses

I had to deal with similar problems, and thanks to these programs, I was able to quickly eliminate viruses. You can find these programs on the official anti-virus sites, for example.

If you use a computer to make money, then ensuring your virus is safe, this is one of the steps in your business. Even if removing a virus is a simple action for you, you will spend your own time on it.

Update anti-virus systems in a timely manner and use additional protection measures, then you will hardly have to take any actions to eliminate viruses.

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